9 Best Budget Multimeters (Cheap To High-End)

Most people prefer looking out for the most affordable products before buying. However, it wouldn’t make sense to spend on overly expensive products without seeing the value for your money in the prevailing financial circumstances.

That’s no different when shopping for the best digital multimeter. However, it will be easier to select the ideal multimeter with our list of the best budget multimeter for you.

So often, choosing the right budget option might be complicated. That’s because when looking for a budget product, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are looking for a cheap product.

Comparison Table: Best Budget Multimeters

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If you are looking for a multimeter under $100, one of the first tools you need to consider is the Klein Tools MM400 digital multimeter. It can test temperature, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, and continuity with incredible accuracy. That marks it out as a versatile product that would be worth spending on.

In addition to the above tests, the Klein MM400 can also measure up to 600V of AC and DC voltage, 40M resistance, and 10A of Direct and Alternate Current. With a safety rating of 600V CAT III, you are sure using this product won’t have you flirting with danger.

One thing you will love about this multimeter is the rugged build. It has a strong exterior that enables it to withstand challenging work environments. In addition, it is rigid and can withstand even a 3.3-foot drop. That makes it not just a budget tool but also a long-lasting device.


  • Easy to access battery slot with low battery indicator
  • It is versatile and can make a variety of tests
  • The rugged build makes it durable
  • Impressive safety rating


  • It tends to give out inaccurate resistance results at times

2. Best Budget: Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter

If you love non-contact voltage testing, then you will love the Extech EX330 because it will afford you non-contact voltage testing. What non-contact testing means is that you don’t have to touch the specific thing you are testing with the multimeter.

It is UL listed and has a safety rating of CAT III 600. That guarantees your safety when you are using it. You won’t have it suddenly blow up in your face as you use it. In addition, the holster protects it from damage whenever you accidentally drop it.

The Extech can also help you measure temperature in addition to the standard tests it makes. That means you don’t have to get an extra tool since the type K probe will help test the temperature with ease. Extech EX330 has rubber holsters that ensure it will last you some time.

In addition to all that, this multimeter is also relatively easy to store. Well, some multimeters can. This one, however, has the transmitter and the receiver snap together to allow you to store it.


  • The receiver and transmitter make it easy to store
  • You can also test for temperature with it
  • It offers non-contact voltage testing
  • It has a commendable safety rating


  • The holster can be fragile at times, making it difficult to use

3. Proster VC97 LCD Multimeter NCV Detector

Another device to consider when looking for an inexpensive multimeter is the Proster VC97 digital multimeter. It has an auto-ranging feature that makes any multimeter easier to use. With an LCD, doing readings is easier.

The display is large and easy to read and has a backlight for making readings in dark or dimly lit areas. You can make various tests with this tool ranging from capacitance, resistance, continuity, and voltage. That makes it a highly versatile tool to have in your posse of tools.

With a protective rubber sleeve and a stand, this tool will be easier to use. The rubber sleeve will also make it a relatively hardy product as it won’t suffer too much damage from simple drops.

The stand enables you to handle it hands-free. That will come in handy whenever you have your hands full with other stuff but still want to make tests. Another thing you will love is the overload protection features. You won’t have to worry about it blowing up due to overload when doing various tests.


  • It comes with a stand for hands-free operation
  • The LCD display makes it easy to see readings
  • It is safe to use and has overload protection
  • The autoranging feature enhances the accuracy


  • The stand will at times flip back, making it hard to use it in hands-free mode

4. INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

The Innova is a great multimeter to have if you are looking for a budget tool that offers as much quality as if it provides excellent functionality. In addition, it is UL certified and will safely enable you to test for resistance, capacitance, and continuity.

With an auto-ranging scale, the Innova 3320 will accurately select the proper measurement range for you and get rid of the need for you to dial in the correct measurements individually.

It features a large LCD that makes it easy to do readings. In addition, the LEDs are color-coded to ensure it is easy to check for the battery status. Changing the battery is also easy with the easy-to-access battery slot.

One thing that will delight you with Innova 3320 multimeter is the 10Megohm input impedance. This feature ensures you are safe from ghosts and false readings. The readings you get will thus be as accurate as possible. Another thing you will love is the single setting for testing AC and DC resistance.


  • Low input impedance lowers the chances of inaccurate results
  • It has single setting for testing resistance
  • Autoranging scale makes it more accurate
  • It is safe and easy to use


  • The beep when testing for continuity is not that audible

5. Etekcity Digital Multimeter with Continuity

Etekcity is famous for its quality products. This digital multimeter sticks to the script with its quality features and superb functionality. The auto-ranging part can capably test for AC and DC voltage, resistance, continuity, and current. You will love the safety it affords you, especially with the overload protection.

In addition to that, it has explosion-proof ceramic fuse tubes. That means you can go about your work without worrying about it exploding. The high sampling speed makes it a precise multimeter. You will thus confidently diagnose industrial, automotive, or household electrical faults quickly.

Moreover, reverse polarity protection means you can go about this safely. Another thing you will love about this multimeter is its convenient features. The inbuilt kickstand will enhance hands-free use. The data hold function adds to the ease of use, and the auto-shutoff process ensures you don’t have to return to a dead battery.

To top it all off is the LCD. It is significantly large for you to make readings faster and has a backlight to make it easier to do readings in dimly lit areas.


  • LCD display with backlight makes it straightforward to use
  • Data hold function ads to the convenience of using it
  • Inbuilt kickstand enables handsfree use
  • High sampling speed makes it precise


  • Replacement fuses are expensive and hard to find

6. AstroAI Multimeter 2000 Counts

Although not as famous as the Fluke, this AstroAI multimeter will also help you to accurately measure AC and DC voltage as well as Direct current. It goes one better than its predecessor on the list with the current measurement feature.

In addition to those tests, you can also use it to test for capacitance, frequency, diodes, and duty cycle, to mention but a few. That will delight you since everyone wants not only a budget tool but also a versatile one.

AstroAI will also fit right into demanding work environments. That’s because it has rubber corners that guard it against the vagaries of demanding work environments. In addition, the rubber corners mean it will survive several accidental falls.

You will also love the fact this multimeter is safe to use. You can safely troubleshoot electrical faults at home or in light industrial settings. Furthermore, it has several features that make it a very convenient multimeter.

The data hold feature means you won’t be in a hurry to do the reading until you’re ready to do so. In addition, the kickstand will enable you to use it in hands-free mode.

Although you can’t use it to test for AC, it will delight you with the other features that should match all the other multimeters on our list, like the following product on our list.


  • It has rubber corners for protection in tough work environments
  • It troubleshoots household and industrial electrical faults safely
  • A large display with a backlight adds to the ease of use
  • The kickstand enables handsfree use


  • You can’t use it to test for Alternate Current

7. KAIWEETS TRMS 6000 Counts Digital Multimeter

The Kaiweets digital multimeter boasts the ability to do a 6000-count auto-ranging test that ensures you make accurate measurements for AC and DC voltage and current. In addition to those tests, it will also test resistance, continuity, and capacitance, among others.

What makes this multimeter stand out is how easy it is to operate. It has LED lights on the jacklight up to make it easier for you to do tests. The leads are also easy to plugin for testing. Kaiweets multimeter will also offer you non-contact testing.

The live function also adds to the ease of use, allowing you to do readings faster. Together with the low battery prompt, the other automatic features also make it a pretty handy tool. For instance, the screen will display red whenever the multimeter detects live wire.

For any tool, safety ranks high. The Kaiweets multimeter is relatively safe to use. It won’t bring any danger to you or damage the equipment you will be testing. In addition, it has a CAT III safety rating which should allay any safety fears you might have.


  • The safety rating of CAT III 1000V makes it reactively safer to use
  • It is versatile and will help diagnose multiple electrical faults
  • The Kaiweets is easy to operate
  • It has multiple functions


  • The default AC voltage might cause problems whenever you want to test a different parameter

8. Neoteck Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter

The Neoteck digital multimeter is another budget digital multimeter that will impress you with broad applications. For example, you can accurately measure AC and DC voltage, resistance, continuity, frequency, and capacitance.

Neoteck multimeter is also safe to use since it has overload protection on all ranges. That ensures you can safely diagnose electrical faults both at home and in an industrial setting. In addition to safety, it is also easy to use.

The other feature that will endear this multimeter to you is the kickstand. The kickstand holds the device at a 45-degree angle, ensuring you can still do readings even with your hands preoccupied with other stuff.

The Neoteck’s case is a mix of soft and nonslip plastic that protects it whenever you drop it accidentally. Ultimately, this is a tool that any person will delight in owning, thanks to the features.


  • It has a large display for more straightforward readings
  • It is safe to use thanks to the overload protection
  • The plastic makes means it will survive drops
  • Kickstand allows handsfree mode


  • The backlight duration is relatively short

9. Crenova MS8233D Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

Closing off our list of the best budget multimeters is the Crenova MS8233D digital multimeter. The Crenova guarantees you 100 percent safety when using it thanks to the inbuilt double fuse and the overload protection on any range.

The large display also has a backlight that ensures you can do readings in dim light. It is also large enough to ensure the readings are in a font you can easily read.

In addition to the backlight, it also has a simple design that won’t give users trouble using it. The simple design also goes hand in hand with the lightweight design, which means you can carry it to places in your pockets!

It also has special points that make it more convenient to use. For instance, the data hold enables values to freeze the reading on the screen until you finish using or recording the readings.

  • It has a bright backlight to make readings in the dark
  • The particular points add to its convenience
  • Its inbuilt fuse makes it safe to use
  • The small size makes it portable


  • The leads aren’t long enough

Buyer’s Guide: Best Budget Multimeter


How safe is the multimeter? Are there any risks involved while using it? Those are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before buying a budget multimeter. Manufacturers usually ensure their multimeters have the proper certifications to make them safe for users.

Therefore, when buying a multimeter, ensure you look at the safety measures. Look for a multimeter with the highest possible safety rating.

For example, some have features such as a double fuse that ensures it won’t explode in your face as you use it. Your safety is paramount in any situation, which is why you won’t like having a risky multimeter.


By versatility, we are referring to the ability of the multimeter to be used for multiple tests. You wouldn’t want to get a multimeter that will only test a limited number of tests. That is why we have several multimeters that can taste temperature as well.

You will no doubt appreciate versatility in any product, leave alone a multimeter. Therefore, when buying a multimeter, ensure you look at the number of tests it can do. Versatility will also refer to the number of places you can use the multimeter.

Granted, you are looking for a multimeter that you can use to diagnose and troubleshoot household electrical faults. However, you will still love for it to be ideal for light industrial settings as well.

Ease of Use

How easy a multimeter is to use will depend on the features it comes with. As you might have seen, the multimeters on our list have several convenient features that make them easier to use.

Features such as the data hold, which locks the test reading on the screen, will make any multimeter easier to use. Some even come with a flashlight that makes them the easiest to use in ark workplaces.

The Display

A small display will give you problems reading the results. It would help if you looking for a multimeter with a large LCD screen that will enable you to do readings easily and has a backlight.

FAQs: 4 Questions & Answers

Will a large display affect the readings?

The display will only affect the way you see the readings. However, a larger display will show results with a larger font making it easier to read them. Also, if it is dark, a backlit display will enable you to see the results easier.

Which multimeter should I choose manual range or automatic range?

An automatic range multimeter is an ideal option. Although it won’t guarantee you accuracy, it will make your work comparatively easier since you don’t have to set it like manual rage multimeters.

Are multimeters easy to use?

Yes, they are. Although it will depend on the design of the multimeter, most are relatively easy to use because they come with simple designs that aren’t complicated, even for a beginner. All you have to do to use a multimeter is to read the manual. Most come with easy-to-understand and straightforward manuals.

What are some of the features of a good multimeter?

The ideal multimeter has an LCD that makes it easy to do readings, a simple design, and negligible weight. If the LCD can come with a backlight, then that can be a bonus.

If you spend a considerable amount of money on a multimeter, you will also want to be accurate and good at its job. That’s why added features such as auto-ranging and a True RMS scale are a welcome addition to any multimer.


Choosing a budget multimeter isn’t a complicated affair, especially if you have a guide such as ours. Carefully consider all the features of the multimeter before buying.

Such features will include a large display, albeit one with a backlight and an easy-to-use interface. A larger display will make readings to be less stressful for your eyes.

The multimeter material should also play a significant role in whether you choose it or not. Rugged construction will ensure the multimeter doesn’t sustain damage after the slightest of falls. The data hold and automatic ranging feature come to mind when talking about comfort.

Another thing to look out for is the price. Not all expensive products usually live up to the standards you expect of them. As a result, you have to look at the features of the multimeter against the price carefully.

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