Best HVAC Multimeters of 2021– Find the Best Multimeter for HVAC Work

best HVAC multimeter

As an electrician or owning a home full of appliances, you must be concerned about what HVAC multimeter you can use in your devices. Though finding the best HVAC multimeter is not easy as you may think.

First and foremost, you have to understand the nature and the main work of the HVAC multimeter. The tools are generally used for the diagnosis and troubleshooting of the wiring and electronic appliances. Checking the electrical current in any electronic gadget is made easy by this machine.

The HVAC multimeter reviews anything running on electricity starting from switches, outlets, and wires. Thanks to its versatility, it is very safe and accurate in checking the electrical currents in all electronic appliances. It is also called the Volt-ohm meter. Apart from the several uses, it is also affordable. Using it is also very simple; you don’t have to hassle much to know it better. Read More: HVAC Multimeter Research Report

After reading our comprehensive review below, you will be able to choose a multimeter suitable for your home appliance.

The Best HVAC Multimeters – Reviews

Detailed list of the Best HVAC Multimeter For Technician

1. Fluke 116 – Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter

If you are a technician who wants a perfect multimeter, Fluke 116 is here to help you to perfect your skills. Its pocket-friendly and high popularity have made it outperform various HVAC multimeters.

If you are looking for a more efficient multimeter, a fluke multimeter is a right choice. It has a unique ergonomic design, which makes you feel comfortable when using it. As an electrician or a technician, you require very lightweight machines for your effective movement. And that is where Fluke 116 multimeter serves you well. It is very light and compact, making it easy to move around. In addition, handling it has never been that difficult as you may think.

Thanks to white, large backlit LED screens, reading and viewing the readings plus testing results is very easy. Fluke 116 is compatible with a magnetic handle makes it easy to carry. Who wouldn’t love or like such a multimeter? It comes with a complete package. Fluke 116 is the best fluke multimeter for HVAC and commercial electrical work. There is also a built-in thermostat that can be used with HVAC appliances.

The low impedance input well-equipped in this multimeter can prevent and decrease the risk of false readings. This multimeter is responsible for measuring voltage, resistances, capacitances, and continuity. Fluke 116 can be used both at home and as a commercial, thanks to its reliability and safety brought about by the safety ranking of category III 600V. The battery life of this multimeter takes up to 200 hours.

  • Capable of withstanding less than 1mm particles because of the IP rating of 42
  • It is a cat iii 600v meter long, coming with a resolution of 6000 counts
  • Provides accurate readings thanks to the TRMS
  • It also has a separate battery compartment
  • Handling it is very easy
  • Compact and ergonomic
  • It is effortless to use
  • The automatic ranging feature is prolonged and inefficient
  • The holding function is just manual
  • Its display is of low quality

2. Klein Tools MM600 – Best Klein Multimeter for HVAC

If you are looking for a multimeter under 100$, Klein Tools MM600 is best for you. Klein Tools MM600 is best for its price and functionality. Klein Tools MM600 HVAC multimeter is among the best HVAC multimeter around. Its price is very reasonable, meaning it is not that cheap or expensive. In terms of accuracy, it is not entirely accurate though it can measure anything you expect.

Its endurance build-up is a 6.6-foot drop, which isn’t that high. It has a nice additional feature; the low battery indicator that looks excellent. It is also easy to access and change the replacement fuse. This multimeter doesn’t even work well when used on high-voltage readings. Therefore, you are required to use it to read only 6A of continuous current. Using it past reading 6A of constant current can make it not work at all. Don’t depend too much on the product description since the details outlined can be misleading.

The Klein multimeter comes with a lot of disappointments if you don’t know how to handle it. So far, you need to hire a technician for technical issues.

  • Its build-up enables it to withstand 6.6-foot drops
  • The fuse compartment can be replaced
  • Accessing the battery is very easy
  • It has a low battery indicator
  • Not viable for reading high measurements
  • It is inaccurate

3. Fieldpiece HS36 – Best Fieldpiece Multimeter for HVAC

Looking for a very easy handle multimeter? Look no more; Fieldpiece HS36 is precisely the best option for you. It has a magnetic hanger, not forgetting silicone test leads that are detachable, and for the remote, there are alligator clip probe tips. The expandable multimeter has a complete set of in-built safety features. Additionally, Fieldpiece is the best HVAC tech multimeter for non-contact voltage indication.

It includes all the HVAC field services you use every day. It has a bright blue backlight and True RMS. It doesn’t only have a digital feature, but it also has an analog feature brought about by a bar graph on the LCD. So if you are a technician who loves digital life, try to use and stick to this multimeter type.

Using HS36 enables you to work with all fieldpiece accessory heads to test the parameters in variety using just one meter. When handling this meter, you don’t have to use two hands; removing test tip leads and an alligator probe for testing a snap can be safely used with one hand. Make sure you also go through the safety practices and the operator’s manual before the test you follow any industrial rules. It will enhance your safety when testing and carrying your current device.

  • Silicone ensures its flexibility even during cold weather and cannot also melt in case of a soldering iron
  • Loud beepers and bright LEDs give a warning in case of dangerous voltages
  • Presence of advanced safety technology
  • Magnetic hanger makes it easy to use
  • It has a very small backlit

4. Triplett 1101-B – Best Professional HVAC Multimeter

Where great performing multimeters matter, Triplet 1101 can never miss on the list. It has a lot of features that are more beneficial to HVAC technicians. Make sure you have it around your home if you are a technician or know handling a multimeter. Its benefits are superb, and it is also the best-rated multimeter on Amazon. Furthermore, it also gives you enough reason to have this vital equipment at your home.

The auto power-off feature in this 3-1/2 meter ensures no battery wastage. Readings can also be taken accurately due to the presence of a large backlit. There is also built-in overload protection, which takes care of other meter settings. Its resistance ranges from 2M to 200ohms.

The product package includes;

  • Safety test leads
  • Alligator
  • Red rubber boots
  • 9V battery
  • K-type beads
  • User Manual

The affordability feature makes this multimeter marketed and sold all over.

  • The meter is resistant to any damage because of the overload protection
  • The backlight makes readability in low-light
  • Rubberized boot resists any impact and a built-in stand
  • It is very compact and small, making it easy to carry
  • The 9V battery preserves battery life
  • You cannot describe the battery compartment
  • It is a bit slower

5. Extech EX505 – Best HVAC Controls Multimeter

Extech Ex505 is the entry-level multimeter. The outstanding features are the true RMS with ranges of current, temperature input, and watertight housing. This tool is considered the best in any HVAC work. It is not expensive. Being that it is among automobile multimeters, the design can suit both outdoor and industrial usage. Dusty places and humid factories are not spared either, plus the saltwater environment. The DC range feature makes it suitable for automotive and marine electrical troubleshooting. Handling this multimeter is easy as you may think. Carrying it can never be a problem because of the convenient size.

It has a temperature probe and a magnetic hanging strap. It also has a built-in thermometer. Extech Ex505 multimeter gives the best DC accuracy. When it comes to measuring temperature, a measurement can be done in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit. Extech Ex505 can also measure AC drive outputs that give a distorted waveform using a true RMS response. Despite its rugged nature, it can measure up to 1000V and 20 Amp. There is also an auto-shutoff function, which helps in conserving the battery and the relative mode.

  • Reading, viewing, and testing results is made easy by the LCD screen
  • Rugged feature protects it from any environmental damage
  • The meter can measure current up to 20 Amp
  • It has a low battery indicator
  • It features micro-amps
  • There is inaccuracy when reading the temperature
  • Functions very slow in auto-ranging

6. Amprobe AM-520 – Best Budget Multimeter For HVAC Work

If a multimeter means a lot to you, then you’re on the right track. Who doesn’t love a multimeter that is very affordable despite its high quality? Amprobe Am-520 multimeter is very cheap and possesses excellent quality. Though there are many quality multimeters in the market, their prices don’t match the Amprobe multimeter.

The Amprobe Company has built robust and high-quality products. The products are also certified by the IEC safe regulations and the latest CE. Another great reason you should buy this multimeter is that it can be used in residential and commercial.

Its safety ratings category III 600 V ensures that it is reliable and safe to use. AC/DC does the measurement of temperature along with their micro-amps. Micro-range allows easy and convenient testing in case the detectors caught flame. It would help if you had nothing to remember the maximum and minimum recordings since it can detect both devices.

There are relatively zero modes for easy accounting on the readings and the backlit that ensures the same. The battery life of this multimeter is up to 100 hours. Using this multimeter electronic, you can troubleshoot faults ranging from thermostat temperature, voltage issues, current draw, and start-up capacitors.

  • LED screen flashlight helps in darker places
  • Presence of both manual and digital range
  • Rugged casing offers its protection
  • It has great quality
  • Very affordable
  • Voltage detection is slow hence reducing its market value
  • The backlit of the LED screen is only temporary
  • Not suitable for heavy commercial use

7. UEI DL479 – Best Clamp Multimeter For HVAC

UEI DL479 multimeter is simply the best for those starting to use the meter. This multimeter can enable you to grow as you start your career as a technician. It contains all the starting features in a multimeter. It has an easy interface and high display to find the system’s fault and focus on the repair abilities. Using this device allows you to upgrade accordingly.

However, professionals don’t like it that much because of its start-up nature. You can’t get the temperature reading from this tool. There is no accuracy in this multimeter in simple terms, so it is suitable for beginners. Despite the negative features discussed above, it is easy to use.

Most of the features in UEi Test Instruments DL479 are relatively slow. Starting from the capacitance and resistance and the readouts, they are extremely slow. Sometimes you can’t be able to get the readings as required because of the meter shutdown. You may think that the batteries are dead, which the case is not usually.

  • Contain all the basics when starting a multimeter
  • Very cheap compared to other multimeters
  • It can be handled with one hand
  • It is suitable for its value
  • Ideal for learning
  • The temperature probe is very slow
  • Digital cannot be read properly
  • It is not accurate

8. Klein Tools 69140 – Best HVAC amp Multimeter

Klein HVAC comes with excellent quality that makes it very suitable for any technician. Klein tools 69140 is known for measuring temperature in all Klein digital multimeters and clamp meters. Klein tools are known for providing very high-quality tools and products. This tool is also capable of measuring the temperature of other brands. The multimeter features include a banana plug adapter, temperature probe, and thermocouple wire for high temperature.

It also has a flexible lead, which helps clamp onto a pipe when taking measurements. The banana plug adapter, which is in K-type, allows flexibility. You should also be aware that the banana plug adapter is sold separately. This Klein meter is of high quality and with excellent performance, thanks to its manufacturers. The durability of it is outstanding.

The materials used in making Klein tools are of the highest quality. Suppose you are indeed looking for a meter that will serve you well and for a very long period then, look no more. Klein multimeters are of a rare kind.

On its safety side, they always have instructions, cautions, and warnings packed on their measurement devices, which you must read and understand to avoid causing an accident. At times of electrical storms and wet weather, it is not always good to use your meter. And also, ensure you don’t use the damaged test leads.

  • Very accurate when handled with care
  • They are of high quality
  • The price is favorable
  • Very durable
  • Can provide inaccurate reading if not handled properly
  • It is a bit slow but not very slow

9. Mestek 6000 Counts – Best HVAC Tech Multimeter

Are you looking for a multimeter to solve your electrical problems at home or as a commercial? Look no more. Mestek will solve your problem very fast and safely. It has an automatic clamp meter, which is very accurate and safe. The Ampere Clamp Meter is used to measure AC/DC, AC/DC voltage, temperature, capacity, continuity, resistance, diode, and frequency.

The Mestek auto range clamp meter is a perfect measuring device for troubleshooting that can solve all your electrical problems at home. It is also versatile and easy to read. In dark places, there is an LCD with a large backlight that provides better visibility. In addition, any data error caused by the magnetic earth field is reduced by zero, leading to more accurate measurements.

The functionality of this tool is numerous. It has automatic switches that sleep after 30 minutes, hence saving some energy. Just see how resourceful the multimeter is. The data hold function also brings about a low battery display. It also comes with some free additional features such as measuring leads, free batteries, and free test leads.

  • It can be used by both new users and professional
  • It is very ergonomic
  • It is very portable
  • Very easy to use
  • Mostly appropriate for professionals

10. Klein Tools CL312 – Best Cheap HVAC Multimeter

Are you looking for an automatically ranging TRMS clamp meter? Don’t look anywhere again; Klein tool CL312 is here for you. This digital clamp can measure AC using the clamp and measure AC/DC voltage, resistance, temperature, continuity, frequency, capacitance, DC microamps. It can as well use test leads to test diodes. It also has a thermocouple for measuring temperature.

On the safety side, measuring both resistance and continuity on live circuits is not correct. Go through the attached measurement devices to ensure you follow all the instructions, warnings, and cautions. Measure the known voltage to ensure you verify the meter operation before using it.

Also, there is a diode test that is used to troubleshoot the malfunctioning diodes. The auto range improves efficiency and speed when doing measurements. If you want to increase this tool’s accuracy, the automatically ranging TRMS will sort you out. It is also built to withstand a 3.3-foot drop.

It has a safety rating indicated by CAT III 600V, Class 2, and double installation. There is a backlight provision that ensures enough light to do the reading in the transparent reading case. The tool also powers off automatically when not in use after 15 minutes, making it conserve battery life.

On the usage, don’t expose your meter to any electrical storms and wet weather. And if you notice any damage or broken part in your meter, don’t continue using it since you can damage it entirely. Klein is also associated with a family name in the United States, and they are the most leading manufacturer since they provide high-quality products.

  • The backlight ensures proper reading
  • The meter is very decent
  • It has great value
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Very safe to use
  • Easy to handle
  • Very accurate
  • It works a bit slow compared to other multimeters
  • It lacks holding clips like other models
  • The high voltage is not accurate

11. Fluke 323 – Best HVAC Clamp Multimeter

Do you need a multimeter that can take care of all your electrical purpose? Then get yourself with Fluke 323 clamp meter. You are most likely looking for a more convenient and modern meter for electrical testing. Its rated safety is CAT III 600V. The best thing that comes with this multimeter which makes it very efficient is the clamp.

The price of the Fluke 323 clamp multimeter is relatively fair. Testing and analyzing electrical becomes much more comfortable when using a 323 True-RMS multimeter. Maybe you’re wondering how it makes work easier; yes, measuring electrical factors is made easier because the clamps open and engulf around the wires. And other electrical properties, making testing and measuring are more comfortable.

You don’t always have to touch your multimeter; you enclose the wire inside then wait for the result. How great is that? Temperature readings never get difficult when using such a multimeter. The precise and accurate feature of Fluke 323 makes it look great. The chances of ghost voltage readings in this multimeter are meager.

Fluke 323 provides much-needed comfort for you. This compact digital multimeter is super lightweight and is easily portable. Only one hand use and you can carry it anywhere. The friendly look and durability also never disappoint in this great multimeter.

The display is also of proportional size. The audible continuity sensor helps you to know that your circuit is conducting electricity. How smart! It comes with all the quality assurance you deserve as a customer, plus the much-needed protection and safety ratings. In case you need a standard warranty, then you’ve got it with Fluke 323 multimeter.

  • Outstanding in measuring voltage
  • Very easy to use single-handedly
  • Saves data for future reference
  • Safety rated with CAT III 600V
  • Built-in temperature feature
  • Measurements are exact
  • Very comfortable
  • Safety assessed
  • The test leads are not good
  • Has a minimal life span
  • Only limited in the USA
  • Lack of lighted display
  • It doesn’t measure DC

12. Klein Tools CL320 – HVAC Multimeter For Homeowner

Klein Tools CL320 is a digital clamp meter known for measuring AC and NCVT via the clamp. It also measures AC/DC Voltage, DC microamps, continuity, resistance, frequency, capacitance, and testing diodes. Diodes are tested using leads, while a thermocouple probe is used for testing temperature.

Other features that make it suitable for measurement include the Auto Range, which improves efficiency and speed. The diode test does troubleshooting of the malfunctioning diodes. DC microamps measurements are used to check the maximum and minimum variability of the measured electrical property. Klein is a United States family-owned company that provides products of high quality.

An auto-power conserves battery life off when it happens after 10 minutes without use. The battery indicator is low, accompanied by a battery compartment that is easily accessible. The meter is built to withstand a 6.6-foot drop. The safety rating has a CAT III 600V, Class 2, which ensures double insulation.

The performance and durability of Klein Tools CL320 are outstanding, thanks to its manufacture. Materials used to assemble it are of high quality. As a result, the device works very well with almost every home appliance.

If you’re a homeowner who knows how to handle such devices plus their functions, don’t move away from this meter. It provides all the efficiency you need when upgrading your home appliances. Klein tools multimeter can also be used in primary and controlled electromagnetic environments, offices, and even light-industrial places.

  • Backlight assists measuring in dark areas
  • Provides much-needed accuracy
  • Improves professionalism
  • It is of high quality
  • Affordable
  • Inaccurate temperature reading due to cheap thermocouple

Buying Guide For HVAC Multimeter Kit

Knowing and understanding the HVAC multimeter guide before you buy is fundamental. In addition, you should be familiar with the environment you’re going to use your multimeter since HVAC works under various weather conditions. But the best-preferred multimeter is always the digital one. It makes work to be very easy.

There are two types of HVAC multimeters in the market; a digital Multimeter and an analog multimeter. Digital multimeter outshines the analog meter when it comes to troubleshooting home appliances. Before purchasing any of the two types of multimeters, there are things you need to check. Of course, every technician wants the best tool that will perform pretty well. You need to check a lot of things while buying your HVAC multimeter, as discussed below;

  • Safety and Reliability

When you buy a multimeter, make sure you buy the safer and reliable one because it will help you not incur the extra cost of buying another tool. In addition, a safe and reliable multimeter will keep your HVAC safe, and your home appliances will be much safer.

  • Check the Pricing

The pricing of a product is significant. Many multimeters vary in their prices; some can cost 450 dollars, while some are less than 50 dollars. Decide on your budget first before purchasing your multimeter. Some multimeters can be cheap but are of low quality. The most recommended price of a multimeter is usually 40-50 dollars.

  • Check the Multimeter Brand

Branding plays a very crucial role when it comes to checking multimeters. Several brands of these meters are available in the market. But do they all fit your value? Definitely No.

Check the brands that the HVAC multimeter companies serve. Don’t forget to check on the quality also. Brands are very competitive, and some can be counterfeited, so always choose the best brands. To end up with the best brand, make sure you buy from a well-known manufacturer like Fluke, who is respectable and can guarantee good performance and dependability.

  • Types of HVAC Multimeter

Currently, there are two types of HVAC multimeters, which are analog and digital, respectively.

The difference between the two multimeters is quite apparent.

  • Digital multimeters are very easy to read and use, unlike analog ones.
  • The Analog multimeter has a lot of manual features, making it very hard to interpret.

Digital multimeters have overload protection and auto-ranging quality, which makes it resourceful than analog ones.

  • Check out the Multimeter Parameters

Ensure you check on the essential functions found in the multimeter, such as measuring voltage, current, resistance, test diode, continuity, and check on the backlit. Also, ensure your meter can measure at least 50mV and 20mA of current since this is the most common and the maximum of 1000V, 20A.

Factors to Consider (HVAC Multimeter For Beginner)

When choosing a multimeter for your work, there are several features that you must consider before stepping out to buy or order your meter online. Some of the features you have to consider are discussed below;

  • Consider the Durability

Ask yourself what can happen if your meter breaks before carrying out the job? Unfortunately, most of these multimeters are commonly used by professionals technicians. You sometimes need to leave for a while before using them. Just give them a short time to be more malfunctioning after being left untouched to gain some moisture. For this reason, you have to buy a meter designed to last long to avoid buying every time.

  • Don’t Ignore the Accuracy

What do you need an inaccurate multimeter for? First, remember that your meter should give you accurate measurements. Then the hard question is, how do you tell the accuracy of a meter? Very simple, you don’t have to buy one; instead, you can check on their online reviews and get the suitable one for you.

  • How does it Operate?

From the reviews outlined above, some multimeters are very hard to operate. So make sure when you purchase, you don’t buy those meters with complicated features. Instead, go for the ones which are easy to use.

  • Measurement is very Crucial

The HVAC multimeter has many necessary things to measure, starting from voltage, resistance, capacitance, and continuity. However, knowing that not all meters can measure these things, you have to be careful and ensure you buy a meter that is evitable for measurements. Also, make sure you don’t sacrifice versatility over the measurement models.

FAQ’S – Best Rated HVAC Multimeter

Can I use a multimeter for all HVAC work?

You can get a high-quality meter for all your electrical HVAC work. HVAC multimeter will be able to handle all the currents and amps in your appliances. Your tool should have probes and a clamp and also ensure it is rated as a CAT III.

How do I use a multimeter?

Yes, both analog and digital multimeters function the same. At the basic level, they’re all operated in the same way. They have a black and red lead with three points.

The first thing is to plug the black lead in the standard port, while one of the remaining two ports will accommodate the red lead. Make sure your circuit doesn’t have high voltage than the capacity of the meter. Next, select how you want to use your multimeter by using the selector. For direct circuit testing, you have to choose the DC option for a specific voltage.

Can a multimeter measure a large current?

Your meter can handle a current; the only thing you have to do is switch the red probe to the port marked 10A. Make sure the voltage setting is high for proper reading.

Why do I need a multimeter?

It would help if you had it to test your electronics at home. You can’t buy any electronic devices without trying whether they are appropriately functional or just overrated—every electrician needs a multimeter for its smooth operation. Professionals and technicians carry this tool wherever they go. And you don’t want to maintain your electrical appliances at home; you then have to own this tool. This will help you to solve any electrical problem you come across at home.

Is an Analog multimeter better than a Digital multimeter?

Not really. Analog multimeter is entirely redundant compared to digital ones. The most considered aspects are accuracy, right viewing angle, better readouts, and good vision and resolution in multimeters. Analog multimeter doesn’t portray these aspects. On the other hand, a digital multimeter performs many functions that you can’t imagine and is far better than analog ones.

Last Thoughts

With all the multiple HVAC options available in the market, making a decision on which HVAC multimeter is suitable for you shouldn’t be an uphill task—choosing a multimeter that suits your need, whether analog or digital, is the easiest thing to carry out. Furthermore, with all the best HVAC multimeters discussed in this article, you don’t have to panic and pick the one which doesn’t suit your need.

Take your time choosing the right one, and make sure you understand the appliances you’re going to use your multimeter on. The environmental conditions should also be a consideration when selecting a suitable meter. Additionally, make sure you know how to handle the meter before you buy. If you are a professional, it is good to go for the high quality, while new users can start with the simple multimeters.

Before you step out to go and purchase a multimeter, always know that there are many things you need to keep in your mind.

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