10 Best Multimeter Test Leads You Can Afford (Complete Guide)

Test leads are way more than a medium to connect a multimeter and testing unit. They play a crucial role in the whole testing system.

If your multimeter is your go-to tool for everyday use, you know better not to compromise on the quality of test probes and buy the multimeter test leads to save yourself from all the troubles.

In the case of high voltages, the electric shock can be life-threatening. Similarly, it would be difficult to trace errors in the case of low voltages too.

Your multimeter device which was supposed to fix your problem has got problems of its own. Sometimes it beeps weirdly, or it just gives nonsense results; sometimes, it does not show reading at all.

Quick Answer: Best Multimeter Leads

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1.WGGE WG-011 – Multimeter Test Leads Kit

First on our list is Wg-011 by W&G GLOBAL ELECTRONICS INC. This test kit comes with one set of regular testing leads, one collection of safety alligator clips, and one set of threaded alligator clips and is suitable for HVAC work. All clips are in two different colors to make working with them more convenient.

High-quality PVC/PA double layered insulated material makes them highly secure and durable. In addition, the manufacturer makes sure to use environmentally friendly and non-toxic silicone, which makes them highly suitable for extreme temperatures.

It does not matter if you use them at a freezing temperature or test high-temperature devices; these wires will not fail. All the materials that are used fulfill the RoHS and UL standards requirements. These probes can perfectly fit any multimeter and give accurate results.

These cables come with detachable alligator clips, which helps make their use convenient. The longer length also benefits them as you do not have to carry around the measuring device.

If you want to replace the original wires that came with your meter, this may be an ideal choice for you as the quality of these wires is so top-notch that they have been assigned Amazon’s choice tag due to the ever-increasing positive customer reviews.


  • Double layered insulation of PVC/PA
  • Environment friendly
  • Resistive against both high and low temperatures
  • Detachable alligator clips


  • Limited attachments

2. Sumnacon 15A – Dual-Ended Crocodile Alligator Clips

Next on the list are Sumnacon Dual-Ended test leads with crocodile alligator clips. Designed for a voltage of 1500V and a current of 15A, the copper alligator clips make sure that the battery you are trying to read gives an accurate result.

The significance of these wires lies in their strong grip, as is evident from their popular name, “the alligator clips”. The clips can open to almost 10mm and will grip the equipment under test, strongly aiding in measuring an accurate reading. Anything with a fuse of 15amps is ideal to be tested with these cables.

The insulation on the clips minimizes the possibility of shorting and enhances the reliability of these wires. The ideal use of these leads is basic electrical testing or anything that comes with a fuse of 15amps.


  • Dual-ended alligator clips
  • Rubber insulation
  • Copper clips
  • Soft PVC cables


  • Not recommended for professional work

3. Fluke TL175 – Best Fluke Test Leads

Fluke is a well-known name in the world of electronic products. However, just like their multimeters, their test leads have a level of their own. The Fluke TL175 twist guard test leads are 2mm diameter cables that come with an extended tip shroud to ensure safety without jeopardizing measurements of any kind.

To ensure the safety requirements even more, the manufacturer has added two layers of silicone insulation. In terms of reliability, you can count on these for both low and high temperatures. You do not even have to worry about them getting damaged as they are tested for stain relief and showed no signs of failure for 30000 bends.


  • Patented Extendable twist guard tip
  • Can withstand 30000 bends without failure
  • Silicon insulation (double)
  • Suitable for both high and low temperatures


  • Not suitable for industrial use

4. Extech TL809 – Best Electronic Test Lead Kit

Extech’s dynamic test lead kit comes with 42 inches lead extensions, shrouded banana plugs and interchangeable probe tips. This 8-piece kit is ideal for digital testing circuitry. The package includes two plunger mini hooks and high-quality alligator clips and removable insulators.

The wires are insulated with PVC material which makes them easy to use for any testing equipment. The leads contain a 3-compartment scalable nylon pouch. These leads are categorized in the CAT-III rating, which means they have a safety rating of 1000V.

You can easily use them to test your home appliance, automobile, or any other electronic component. They have provided accurate results and can be a suitable replacement for your faulty original test leads.


  • 8-piece deal including plunger mini hooks, alligator clips, and removable insulators.
  • Three compartment nylon pouch which is sealable
  • Accurate results
  • Suitable for any CAT III level testing


  • Doesn’t work well with older multimeters

5. WGGE WG-026 – Best Test Leads for Multimeter

WGGE store is the number 1 best seller store in the test probes and leads category on Amazon. This test is one of their high selling items with a crazy number of positive ratings from customers.

The set includes 30 test leads in five colors, including white, black, red, green, and yellow. The clips are made up of nickel-plated steel along with PVC insulators and vinyl-covered alligator clips. The wires are made up of AWG copper with PVC insulation.

These leads are ideal for testing and experimenting with equipment like breadboards. If your work requires you to have a bundle of leads in a bunch of colors, these might be the ideal choice for you.

These leads have been recommended as an excellent choice for experiments and prototype testing. They are used in abundance in laboratories and schools and are a friendly, high-quality resource to hands around.


  • 30 leads in five different colors (white, black, red, green, and yellow).
  • Nickle plated steel clips with PVC insulators
  • 22-AWG copper wire with PVC insulation
  • Reliable and long-lasting leads


  • Short length
  • No attachments

6. Proster 4mm Banana Plug Test Probes

Proster 15A test leads from proster are 0.8m in length with pins of 4mm diameter and alligator clips opening up to 9mm. The leads are the banana plug to alligator clip type with the right-angled banana plugs and alligator clips at the other end.

Just like a conventional test probe, these leads are easy to install and use. The most prominent use of these cables is recorded in school laboratories. The clips have also been proven to be very useful for connecting components to wires. Therefore, the power rating for these leads is set at 1000V and 15A.


  • Bana plugs with 4mm diameter pins
  • Alligator clips have an opening capability of 9mm.
  • Easy to use and install
  • Ideal for use in school laboratories
  • Useful in connecting components to wires


  • Not useful for every testing equipment

7. AstroAI 8Pcs – Plunger Test Mini Hooks Test Probes

This test lead kit from AstroAI contains 8 pieces of testing equipment, including PVC lead extensions, test probes, alligator clips, and plunger mini hooks. The variety of accessories available in the kit enables you to perform versatile tasks with relative ease.

The longer probe tips are beneficial for in-depth slots where an average tip won’t reach. They fit in nicely with any measuring meter and can be a crucial resource for professionals who have to do various tasks during their job.

The package contains;

  • Two PVC lead extensions
  • Two modular 4″ – Size 102mm
  • Heavy-duty test probe handles with 0.16″ (4mm) – banana plug tip
  • Two alligator clips and removable insulators
  • Two plunger mini-hooks and one user manual
  • The load rating is CAT III, while test probes are suitable for CAT III and CAT IV


  • Longer tip for accessibility of remote places
  • Versatile components fit for any type of use
  • Compatible with any kind of multimeter
  • A key resource for professionals


  • Not exactly “value for money” for normal use

8. KAIWEETS CAT III – Soft Silicone Electrician Test Leads Kit

These test leads from KAIWEETS have enormous strength and longevity. Tests have shown that they won’t become stiff even after these cables are put in for 24 hours. Having double insulation of silicone material, these leads’ durability, flexibility, and reliability are second to none.

The wire core comprises 100pcs 0.001mm copper wires and nylon yarn, making them highly resistible and great conductors for repairing electronic components. The test results from these leads are accurate and can be trusted to be used in any environment.

Having a safety rating of 1000V CAT III and 600V CAT IV, the kit is compatible with most multimeters like clamp meters and digital multimeters.


  • High strength and long life
  • Extreme endurance against low temperatures
  • Flexible and reliable
  • Wires made up of copper
  • High resistance with great conductivity


  • An overkill for home equipment and automobile testing

9. Fluke TL81A – Replacement Test Lead Set for the Fluke

Fluke, the renowned brand in manufacturing electronic components, has provided a complete package in their TL81A test lead set. These leads are suitable for every kind of use, be it home, industry, automobiles, or any simple electronic equipment.

The test lead set contains various components, including 3 test leads with a lead length of 6m, alligator clips in 3 different colors (red, black, and green), and jaw openings up to 26mm. In addition, all sets of leads are provided with the low leakage probe connectivity feature. The larger lead length enables you to use the leads for testing and eliminates the need to carry around the measuring meter.


  • Test leads in three different colors (red, black, green)
  • Alligator tips in three different colors (red, black, green)
  • Lead length of 2.6m


  • May not be compatible with all meters

10. Bionso 25-Piece Leads Kit – Professional Test Leads Set

If you need anything or everything related to a multimeter, this is the kit that you need to buy. The Bionso 25-piece multimeter leads kit is a top choice among professionals due to the variety of gear that comes with it.

If you are in an environment where you are usually unsure what type of testing you must do or what kind of instruments you should pick up, grab a pack of this test kit and rest assured that you will not need anything else.

The package includes tests leads, handles, gold-plated probes, pins, alligator clips, tip shrouds, wrench, test hooks and storage boxes. The safety and quality of these leads are top-notch as they are made up of premium quality silicon, enabling them to resist cold and high-temperature environments.

The copper wires inside ensure smooth connectivity and no losses, whereas the gold-plated clips and pins ensure their use for multiple purposes. The versatility of this test kit makes it a superior choice among a variety of test kits.


  • 25 attachments for multipurpose testing
  • Made from premium quality silicone material
  • Safety and Flexibility
  • Suitable for both high and cold temperatures
  • Compatible with most of the measuring instruments


  • Not valuable for normal use

What to Look for in a Multimeter Test Leads

How often have you gone through the trouble of having irresponsive electronics, a malfunctioned device, a non-performing automobile battery, etc.? Finally, you decide enough is enough. You take out your multimeter and set out to diagnose the problem.

But to your surprise, your irresponsive device is not the only problem you are facing that day. Having such a variety of options to choose from, it can be hard to decide which test reads to buy.

Therefore, we have listed down a few points you should consider while buying new leads for your multimeter. Let us have a look:

Power ratings

Using the appropriate kind of leads for a specific power rating is very important. For example, if you are using a low category wire that is not recommended for high amperage testing, the leads are likely to heat up and burn out, which threatens your safety and the environment.

Lead type

Lead type is a key factor in buying a new test lead for your equipment. A variety of test leads are available in the market, but you should choose the one you require. For example, If you need to test a remote circuit that won’t be accessible by a regularly tipped test probe, you should buy the one with extended tips to reach the circuit and complete your reading.

Multimeter Compatibility

Before buying a new test lead for your multimeter, you should make sure that you know the type of leads it supports and that is compatible with your work.

If you buy the wrong lead for your multimeter, your money will go to waste. Therefore, it is essential to understand the compatibility of your multimeter with the test leads. Most of the multimeters will have a user manual that will include the type of lead you need to buy for it.


The length of a cable is again an essential factor to consider while purchasing a test lead. If you are buying your test leads that need a lot of moving around, it will be better to buy the ones with a larger length.

Type of use

It also depends on what kind of equipment you are going to test or what kind of task you will perform. It is always ideal to look for the lead which best suits your needs.


It is always recommended only to buy the type of test lead you need. Different test leads are designed for various purposes, so you must use them just for your normal day-to-day. So, if you can go for a cheaper test lead instead of investing in a high-end lead, you should save your money and give it up.

High-Quality Test Leads

To have a quality multimeter but low-end test leads is like driving a new car with worn-out tires. It just doesn’t make sense. Multimeters provide the best results when equipped with quality leads that are compatible and designed according to the requirements.

FAQs: 6 Questions & Answers

Can the test lead cause a shock?

Yes, the test leads even though are usually protected by a layer of insulation if broken at some point exposing the core wires, and touching the wires could really give shock to users.

When and where to purchase the test leads for a multimeter?

Spending on test probes is as important as spending on the multimeter because accurate results are a combination of both.

If your multimeter is acting up, giving inaccurate results, having disconnection issues, or exhibiting any other unusual behavior for that matter, chances are that there is nothing wrong with the multimeter and the fault lies in the test leads.

Make sure the probes you are buying fulfill the safety standards and category rating. Spend smart and spend once, so you won’t ever have to find a replacement.

What are some of the problems that low-quality test leads can cause?

There are tons and tons of troubles that you can be in if you do not invest in high-quality testing cables. To mention the obvious, inadequate quality test probes can affect the reading and give a false result and you may end up getting an electric shock because of inaccurate reading.

Which brand of the multimeter is best?

Having a quality multimeter is very important for any electrical or electronic working environment. The quality of a multimeter has different dimensions which can include durability, reliability, and accuracy of results.

It is not easy to make a certain brand the champion of multimeters but the brands like Fluke and Extech are known to have a huge quantity of satisfied customers.

Is it easy to use install test leads in a multimeter?

Installing test leads in a multimeter is usually a very easy process but if someone is still having trouble with installing the leads, the test leads and multimeters usually come with a user manual that can be used to check how to install the leads.

Why are test leads on a multimeter important?

The test leads are an essential part of a multimeter and for someone to take a reading on a multimeter, it is mandatory to have a set of test leads.

Final Thoughts

The multimeter is a very handy tool that can help us measure current, voltage, resistance and continuity all in a single device.

Some of you might be addicted to it like us and do not mind spending a fortune on a good multimeter, after all, it is the wonder of physics, right? But does it make any sense to connect it to a shady set of test leads? Absolutely not.

Invest in the homemade multimeter test leads today and make your life easier than ever. The 10 different products reviewed above provide you with a lot of options to choose from so that it can be convenient for you to decide whichever best fits your need.

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