Best Multimeter Under 100 Dollars

best multimeter under 100

What is the best multimeter under 100 dollars? Would such a multimeter provide you the performance and quality you desire? We understand most people might be reluctant to go for cheap products. However, it is worth noting that not all expensive products are all that.

The same applies to multimeters as well. Not all highly-priced multimeters will have the features you desire. For that reason, you need to look at competitively affordable multimeters and give them a chance to impress you.

But how can you do that? Granted, you will need a standard multimeter that comes at the best price but still gives you exceptional performance. Getting such a multimeter wouldn’t be that straightforward.

Best Multimeter Under 100 $ – Top Picks

Detailed List of the Best Multimeter Under 100 $

1. Klein Tools MM400 – Auto Ranging Multimeter

Klein Tools Digital Multimeter, Auto-Ranging, 600V MM400
2,026 Reviews
Klein Tools Digital Multimeter, Auto-Ranging, 600V MM400
  • Multimeter measures up to 600V AC/DC voltage, 10A AC/DC current and 40 M resistance
  • Electrical tester measures temperature, capacitance, frequency, duty-cycle, and test diodes and continuity
  • CAT III 600V safety rating
  • Built to withstand a 3.3-foot (1 m) drop and withstand daily wear and tear on the job site
  • Low battery indicator and easily accessible battery compartment

If you are looking for an affordable multimeter that will perform various functions, then this is it. For example, you can use the Klein MM400 multimeter to measure 40M resistance, temperature, duty-cycle, frequency, capacitance, among others. It is entirely safe to use a multimeter having a relatively high safety rating of CAT III 600V. Therefore, you can perform any test without worrying about your safety in case of any malfunction.

The Klein MM400 is also an ideal multimeter for automotive. That’s because of the robust build it comes in. So rigid is the build that this Klein multimeter can withstand a drop of up to 3.3 feet. Additionally, it is resistant to everyday wear and tear at job sites.

Klein MM400 multimeter runs on a battery that is reasonably accessible for faster changing. You can thus use this multimeter to make standard tests in a basic or controlled electromagnetic environment. That means it would be ideal for use either in a light industrial or setting or in a residential home. We’d say it is a good deal for all the quality features it packs, especially when you consider how affordable it is.

  • The rugged build ensures it can survive one-meter drops
  • The high safety rating makes it relatively safe to use
  • It has a low battery indicator
  • High Versatile
  • The rotary dial isn’t large enough, especially with the large housing

2. AstroAI 4000 Counts – TRMS 4000 DC AC voltmeter

AstroAI Digital Multimeter TRMS 4000 Counts with DC AC voltmeter and Auto-Ranging Fast Accurately...
5,630 Reviews
AstroAI Digital Multimeter TRMS 4000 Counts with DC AC voltmeter and Auto-Ranging Fast Accurately...
  • Digital Multimeter:WIDE RANGE of tests for AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current, Resistance, Continuity, Capacitance, Frequency and...
  • Voltage Tester:PROFESSIONAL LEVEL features include Auto-Ranging capability, and True RMS for measuring both AC Current and...
  • Easy to Use: Convenient features like Data Hold, Large LCD Backlit Screen, Kickstand, and Low Battery Indicator make taking...
  • Capacitance & Resistance Meters:IDEAL FOR COMMERCIAL settings where it can handle the demands of a long workday, from the...
  • Additional Tips:This Multimeter is designed to troubleshoot a variety of automotive and household electrical problems...

If you’re an electrician or possess even a passing interest in electrical matters, you must have heard of AstroAI. AstroAI is famed for the excellent quality tools they come up with.

If you are looking for an electrician multimeter, then AstroAI is best for you. The AstroAI digital multimeter is different since it will offer you auto-ranging measurements of all the standard tests. You will not only use it to test continuity and resistance but also diodes and capacitance. For voltage, it tests in three modes. You can use it to test 1.5 Volts, 9 volts, and 12 volts batteries. It will light up in red if it detects low voltage and green if it detects enough voltage.

Another thing you will love with this multimeter is the fact you get to do non-contact tests. For example, the NCV function will help detect high voltage and show that with a red alarm light. Easy enough, right?

The large LCD is another feature that makes it easy to use. In addition, the display is backlit to ensure faster reading, even in poorly lit conditions. The flashlight function will also come in handy in that regard. You should be convinced with the AstroAI digital multimeters competence by now.

  • It is versatile and can perform numerous standard tests
  • Has flashlight and backlit functions for easier readings
  • The LED indicator makes it easy to detect voltage
  • It has a large display
  • It lacks a protective case

3. Extech EX330 – Autoranging Multimeter with Thermometer

Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter with NCV and Type K Temperature, orange and green
545 Reviews
Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter with NCV and Type K Temperature, orange and green
  • Built in non-contact AC voltage detector (NCV)
  • Transmitter and Receiver snap together for easy storage
  • Cat III 600V UL listed
  • Includes Type K temperature probe
  • Rubber holster protects meter

How excellent would a multimeter that can measure temperature as well be? Well, that is what the Extech EX330 auto range multimeter will give you. Besides other tests like capacitance, resistance, and voltage, you can also test temperature.

What makes it such an excellent multimeter to use to test voltage is the inbuilt AC voltage detector. The detector is non-contact, thus allowing you to measure voltage faster without touching the device whose voltage you are testing.

Extech EX330 is also relatively compact. That means you can carry it with you anywhere in your pocket or your car’s glove compartment. To make that easier, its receiver and transmitter can snap together. Additionally, the wire probe it comes with is a general-purpose probe. That, in effect, means you can use the multimeter to test for most tests. It is the probe that makes it possible to test for temperature as well.

If you’re buying any tool, you’ll want to last for quite some time. That is why this tool will endear itself to you. It has a rubber holster that ensures it doesn’t sustain damage from any falls to the ground.

  • General-purpose type K probe
  • Rubber holster protector
  • Compact and portable
  • Affordable
  • The backlight doesn’t stay on indefinitely

4. INNOVA 3340 – Best Automotive Multimeter Under 100

Innova 3340 Professional Automotive Digital Multimeter
7,416 Reviews
Innova 3340 Professional Automotive Digital Multimeter
  • Designed to pinpoint engine problems; tests alternator diodes, duty cycle, solenoids, breaker points, wiring, switches and...
  • Features auto-ranging, auto shut-off and over-load protection
  • Measures up to 15 amps for device testing
  • 10 MegOhm input impedance; safe for electrical and automotive use; prevents damage to the vehicle’s ECU
  • Includes temperature probe, inductive RPM clamp and carrying case

The Innova 3340 digital multimeter boats a sturdy design that will diagnose electrical faulty faster. In addition to that, you can also use it to test diodes, solenoids, duty cycles, switches, among others. What makes it such a handy tool is that it comes with some innovations that make testing more efficient. For instance, it has auto-ranging and automatic shutoff functions that make it easier to use.

In addition to that, it also has overload protection. You thus won’t have to worry about it sustaining damage when you test overly strong voltage or AC current. That helps significantly in it measuring up to 15 amps when testing devices. You will also be safe when using this multimeter, thanks to the overload protection. The overload protection will also help you prevent any damage to your vehicle’s ECU.

Another thing you will love with Innova multimeter is the carrying case it comes with. You can carry it anywhere with the case. It also includes a temperature probe to add to the other tests you can do with it.

  • It comes with a carrying case for easier portability
  • It has overload protection for added safety
  • Versatile and can test temperature as well
  • The simple design makes it easy to use
  • The beep when testing for continuity isn’t loud enough

5. Sinostek XL830L – Best Pocket Digital Multimeter

XL830L Pocket Digital Multimeter Electrical Test Meter AC DC Volt Ammeter OHM Circuit Checker Tester...
52 Reviews
XL830L Pocket Digital Multimeter Electrical Test Meter AC DC Volt Ammeter OHM Circuit Checker Tester...
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL - Providing a wide range of measurements, including AC/DC voltage, DC current, resistance, diode assembly...
  • Large Backlight LCD display - This 1999 count multimeter features large LCD unit symbol display. Back-light makes a real...
  • TROUBLESHOOTING - CE certified product for safely and accurately troubleshoot a variety of automotive and household...
  • SAFETY PROTECTION - slightly soft plastic shell that will help with drop protection.
  • WARRANTY- Comes with 1x LCD Digital multimeter, Pair test leads, 1x User Manual. Item comes with a ONE-YEAR WARRANTY.

The Sinostek XL830L multimeter is another device to consider if you’re looking for a multimeter under 100$. It is a versatile digital device that will make diagnosing electrical faults easier, whether at home or in an industrial setting. This multimeter can capably test diodes, continuity, frequency, resistance and voltage. However, what makes this tool unique is the inbuilt audible continuity test and data hold.

Like the multimeter before it on our list, it also has a low battery indicator. It also comes with overload protection that enables it to be safe from unexpectedly high and sudden voltages. With a sampling speed of two times for every second, this multimeter will quickly provide you with accurate results. In addition, with the backlit display, it will be easier for you to use this tool, even in dimly lit areas.

The large LCD is another thing you will love with this multimeter. The large display ensures you don’t strain to catch the readings as they will be in a clearer and larger font. Finally, it has an input impedance for DC voltage. That reduces instances of you getting the wrong results.

  • Overload protection helps damage from sudden current surges
  • It has an inbuilt audible continuity test and data hold
  • It has input impedance for DC voltage
  • It has a large backlit display
  • The buzzer isn’t loud enough

6. Klein Tools MM600 – HVAC Multimeter Under 100

Klein Tools MM600 HVAC Multimeter, Digital Auto-Ranging Multimeter for AC/DC Voltage, and Current,...
1,081 Reviews
Klein Tools MM600 HVAC Multimeter, Digital Auto-Ranging Multimeter for AC/DC Voltage, and Current,...
  • Tester measures up to 1000V AC/DC voltage, 10A AC/DC current and 40M resistance plus temperature, capacitance, frequency,...
  • Digital Mulimeter has CAT IV 600V / CAT III 1000V safety rating
  • Built to endure a 6.6-foot (2 m) drop and withstand daily wear and tear on the job site
  • Low battery indicator and easily accessible battery and fuse replacement compartment
  • For use in basic and controlled electromagnetic environments such as residential, business and light-industrial locations

Klein Tools MM600 is one of the best HVAC multimeter. Klein is quite famous when it comes to making simple easy to use devices and tools. This multimeter is no different in that it has a simple design that’s relatively easy to use. It is also quite efficient and can test up to 1000V/ 10A of AC and DC voltage, 40M resistance, and frequency. You can also test for temperature as well as duty cycle, diodes, and continuity.

The Klein MM600 is also a safe-to-use tool. That’s because it has a safety rating of CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600 V. You can thus be sure the risk of accidents is significantly less. Another thing about this multimeter is that it is pretty rugged since it can survive a drop as high as two meters. That’s because of the sturdy material that makes it. It also means the tool can withstand the harshest work environments.

Even with a long-lasting battery, there are times you will be caught unawares by a low battery. That’s where this multimeter low battery indicator comes into play. In addition, the indicator will help you know when to change the battery. If you were looking for a multimeter that would help diagnose electric issues at home or for industrial use, then this is the one for you.

  • Rugged construction makes it durable and resistant to harsh work environments
  • A low battery indicator helps know when to change the battery
  • Versatile and is ideal for various standard tests
  • It is easy and safe to use
  • It cannot work for a continuous current of 6 amps or higher

7. ALLOSUN EM3082 – Portable Multi-Functional Multimeter Under 100

ALLOSUN Pocket Size Digital Multimeter Auto Range Multi Tester (EM3082 (Auto Range))
883 Reviews
ALLOSUN Pocket Size Digital Multimeter Auto Range Multi Tester (EM3082 (Auto Range))
  • REMOVE battery INSOLATION beofore use. Auto range pocket size digital multimeter
  • 3 1/2-digit LCD, with a max. Reading of 1999
  • Design for measuring DC and AC voltage, DC and AC current, resistance, diode and continuity.
  • Built-in buzzer; polarity indication; data hold function; auto power off
  • For international transport safety, batteries were insulated in the meter. Please remove the insulation sheet before using.

There is something about tools that you can throw into your back pocket and leave. You can take them anywhere with you and diagnose any automotive issue with you. The AlloSun EM3082 pocket size is a device you want to get if you need such flexibility. It has a three-and-a-half-inch LCD that is so easy to read you’ll hardly struggle to see the readings. Moreover, the maximum reading of 1999 ensures you can measure most routine tests at home.

The AlloSun multimeter is specifically designed to test diodes, continuity, voltage, resistance, and AC/DC current.
Additional features, including the inbuilt buzzer and the polarity indication, the auto-shutoff, and the data hold, make it relatively easy to use. The simple design also adds to the ease of use of this digital multimeter. However, while a pocket multimeter would impress most users, who are always on the move, not all will be impressed.

  • The extra-large LCD display makes reading easier
  • It has an inbuilt buzzer and the polarity indication
  • It has a simple design that makes it easy to use
  • Compact and portable
  • Accessing the battery is quite challenging

8. Etekcity A1000 – Professional Digital Multimeter Under 100

Etekcity Professional Digital Multimeter A1000, TRMS 6000 Counts Manual Auto Ranging, Measures...
377 Reviews
Etekcity Professional Digital Multimeter A1000, TRMS 6000 Counts Manual Auto Ranging, Measures...
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS: Accurately measure AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current, Resistance, Continuity, Frequency, Capacitance, Diode,...
  • HIGH PRECISION: True RMS readings at 4x/S, and high sampling speed(3 times/sec), enable you to confidently diagnose...
  • SAFETY ASSURED: Overload protection on all ranges. Built-in F600mA/1000V and F10A/1000V explosion-proof ceramic fuse tubes...
  • PROFESSIONAL TESTING LEVEL: Manual and auto dual-mode operation, safely measure DC voltage up to 1000V. Testing temperature...
  • CONVENIENT FEATURES: Built-in kickstand, large LCD backlit screen, data hold, auto shut-off, and hook clip

What makes Etekcity A1000 multimeter a professional-grade device is a dual manual and automatic operation. You can also safely measure DC current up to 1000V and temperature from -40 to 10000 Celsius. In addition, it has a True RMS scale that tests four timers per second with a high sampling speed. That will enable you to diagnose electrical and automotive faults with ease. It is, however, not only resisted to use at home as you can put it to industrial use.

The Etekcity professional also has overload protection on all ranges. That means it won’t easily sustain damage from sudden power surges. That also makes it ideal for commercial use. Additionally, it has a kickstand that enables you to use it hands-free. Also, the large LCD backlit display makes reading the results more accessible and faster. The auto-shutoff function will turn it off by itself each time you forget.

  • Has a kickstand for handsfree operation
  • Has overload protection on all ranges
  • Has a True RMS scale
  • High Versatile
  • The fuse tends to be fragile and can blow easily

9. Klein Tools MM700 – Electrical Tester for Low Impedance

Klein Tools MM700 Multimeter, Electrical Tester is Autoranging, for Current, Impedance, Temperature,...
1,081 Reviews
Klein Tools MM700 Multimeter, Electrical Tester is Autoranging, for Current, Impedance, Temperature,...
  • Multimeter with automatic ranging true root mean square (TRMS) technology for increased accuracy
  • Tester measures up to 1000V AC/DC voltage, 10A AC/DC current and 40M resistance plus temperature, capacitance, frequency,...
  • CAT IV 600V Safety Rating
  • Built to withstand a 6.6-foot (2m) drop and withstand daily wear and tear on the job site
  • Low Impedance (LoZ) mode for identifying and eliminating ghost or stray voltages

Like its sister multimeter on our list, the Klein MM700 multimeter will give you dependable and versatile performance. You can use it to test AC/DC and voltage, resistance, capacitance, continuity, diodes, among other standardized tests. Additionally, Klein MM700 is the ideal multimeter for electronics and can perform a multi functional role.

The Klein MM700 is also a safe-to-use multimeter. The class two safety rating of CAT III 600V and the double insulation proves relatively safe. You don’t have to use it with worry that might blow in your face.

The Klein MM700 is also relatively easy to use:

  1. The display is large enough to make the reading of results faster.
  2. It has an LED indicator for tests. For instance, it turns red when it detects the voltage.
  3. The warning beep is another sign the test has been successful.

You can also use it to check for correct wiring. That’s s thanks to the receptacle tester that detects any faulty wiring in a device or electrical connection. It can also identify open neutral, open hot, open ground, or hot ground reversed. The additional visual and audible testing of continuity further proves this multimeter efficiency.

  • The LED indicator makes it easy to test for voltage
  • The class two safety rating means it safe to use
  • It has audiovisual testing for continuity
  • You can use it to do multiple tests
  • The leads tend to become defective too fast

10. Etekcity MSR-R500 – Voltage Tester with Continuity

Etekcity Digital Multimeter, Voltage Tester Volt Ohm Amp Meter with Continuity, Diode and Resistance...
11,111 Reviews
Etekcity Digital Multimeter, Voltage Tester Volt Ohm Amp Meter with Continuity, Diode and Resistance...
  • ACCURATELY MEASURES: This multimeter can test AC/DC Voltage, DC current (Not for AC current), Resistance, Diode, Continuity...
  • HANDY TROUBLESHOOTER: Data Hold button holds a reading; large backlit LCD with large digits is easily visible in dimly lit...
  • SAFETY PROTECTION: The multimeter has overload protection on all ranges and anti-burn with double fuses. Protective rubber...
  • NOTE: This multimeter cannot be used to test AC current. Please make sure the rotary switch is located at the right range...

Etekcity MSR-R500 is best for automotive maintenance and can adequately test your wiring in the outlet. It can also test your fuses and circuitry on hobby aircraft. Apart from diagnosing faulty wall outlets and dead batteries, you can use it as a continuity buzzer. But, again, no electrical skill is necessary as it is designed for general household use.

Its Data Hold function helps keep measurements displayed on its large display, which eases reading as you record. You can measure DC, resistance, test transistor, and diode with this multimeter. You can as well use it to test circuit boards and help keep your home up and running. Do you use a car often? Then you might want to have this multimeter with you to test fuses and your car battery.

Its ability to test circuitry on LED strips ensures your project never stops. Whenever lights go off, or you find yourself in the dark, you need not worry, as the LCD backlight feature will enable you to keep reading without much struggle.

Lest we forget, the low battery indicator will keep you less worried as your battery will never go dead and catch you unawares.

Suppose you are looking to have a multimeter that is multi-functional and with extra features like this one. In that case, the following product will be of great interest to you.

  • Rubber sleeves support to reduce wear and tear while working with it
  • Support feature that props up the Multimeter making reading easier
  • Backlight enables reading it in the dark
  • Easy to operate
  • Cannot test AC Current

11. Fluke 101 – Fluke Industrial Multimeter Under 100 

Fluke 101 is one of the best fluke multimeters in the market today. Kicking off our list is the Fluke 101 digital multimeter that is as simple and easy to use as it is to carry. In addition, it is a relatively compact tool, and thus you can carry it in the safety of your pocket and use it anywhere you like. It measures diodes, capacitance, voltage, continuity as well as resistance. Besides that, you can also use it for pretty any other standardized test. That shows how versatile this multimeter can be.

Doing the readings is relatively straightforward since the readings are in a large size font. You can thus see the readings rather effortlessly, even with limited lighting. The simple structure and rugged build also ensure you will own it for a long time. In addition, the rugged build helps prevent damage each time you accidentally drop it on the ground. But, of course, that also has to do with how lightweight it is.

  • Rugged, damage-resistant build
  • Simple, easy to use design
  • Highly portable
  • High versatility
  • In case it develops any issues, Fluke won’t help you recalibrate it

12. Proster Auto-Ranging 5999 – Best Rated Digital Multimeter Under 100

Proster Autoranging Multimeter 6000 Count Digital Multitester AC DC Current Voltage Tester Amp Ohm...
2,066 Reviews
Proster Autoranging Multimeter 6000 Count Digital Multitester AC DC Current Voltage Tester Amp Ohm...
  • 【6000 5/6 Digital Multimeter】LCD Display with 5999 and 2000uF, relative value measuring, maximal/minimal value measuring,...
  • 【Extensive Multimeter】With this autoranging multimeter, it not only measures AC/DC Voltage and Current, Resistance,...
  • 【Safety Security】Low Battery Voltage Indication, Overload Protection on all ranges, Data Hold Function, all these special...
  • 【Protective Rubber Sleeve & Stand】Provide protection against knocks and bumps; Built-in support stand for hand free use;...
  • 【Test Leads & Multimeter Carry Bag】Includes two AAA battery , a pair of test leads & K-type temperature probe, a Carry...

If you want a multimeter that will measure current and temperature, then Proster VC99 is the multimeter for you. It has an LCD that is clear enough to allow you to make readings faster. It measures AC/DC Current and Voltage, frequency, and resistance and has a maximum/minimum value measuring ability. Besides that, it has auto and manual-ranging features.

When testing for the temperature, you can only test it in liquids using the probe it comes with. When the battery voltage is low, its unique alarm feature will ensure a low battery doesn’t sneak up on you. Also, it has a protective rubber sleeve and kickstand that allows you to use it hands-free.

You will also love the data hold function that helps keep the measurements on the screen long enough for you to record. Its large LCD screen, topped with an analog bar, ensures reading the measures while using this multimeter.

  • Its data hold function that ensures data remains on display while recording
  • Has two temperature measuring modes (Celsius and Fahrenheit)
  • It comes with maximal and minimal value measuring the ability
  • It is equipped with an auto-power off and warning alarm
  • It does not have a backlight display to ease reading in the dark

Buying Guide of Best Multimeter Under 100$

Knowing which multimeter has the best features is only the first step. Next, you need to look at some factors to get the device that best suits your needs.

  • Accuracy- How Accurate Is it?

Frankly, an inaccurate multimeter wouldn’t appeal to most of us. But, on the other hand, faulty results can be hazardous, so you need to ensure you pick a multimeter as accurately as possible. Read more about the accuracy.

For that reason, it would be best if you consider multimeters with True RMS scales. These usually make more accurate readings for any test you make.

  • Ease of Use

No matter how useful a tool is, it all boils down to one thing: ease of use. The device should be easy to use. That is why we considered the ease-of-use when we were selecting the top multimeter under 100. The ease of use will usually be dictated by features such as auto-ranging or auto shut-off options. The display also plays a significant role in whether a multimeter is easy to use or not.

Therefore, when selecting a multimeter, ensure you pick one that will give you as little trouble as possible using it. Fortunately, most multimeters aren’t usually that hard to use.

  • Versatility

The ideal multimeter should be able to test various standard tests. What you don’t need is a multimeter that can only test a specific number of tests. Find more about the difference between DMM and DVOM multimeter.

Such a multimeter would limit your ability to use it. It might even lead to you getting another multimeter. Most of the multimeters here on our list can test very many functions, making them quite versatile. It would be best if you went for such multimeters to avoid any disappointments.

  • How Is the Display

The display is where you will see the readings for every test. That’s why you have to choose a multimeter that has a large display to ensures you don’t strain to see the readings.

It is even much better if the display is backlit since it means you won’t struggle to do readings even in dimly lit environments.

  • How Safe Is it?

Safety should be the number one consideration for any tool you buy—that isn’t any different for multimeters. A safe multimeter will prevent you from having to worry about any electric shocks as you use it. It would help if you thus went for one with some safety features to avoid any unavoidable accidents.

  • Is it a Rugged Device?

While we accept that no tool can have an unlimited lifespan, it shouldn’t be the type to sustain damage that easily. That is why you will need to choose a rugged multimeter. A rugged multimeter will withstand demanding work environments and survive drops.


Are cheap multimeters any good?

Yes, they are. There are several good deals on multimeters you can get on the market right. Not every good thing needs to be expensive.

How much is a cheap multimeter?

You can get a multimeter for as low as you can afford. However, to get the best deal on a cheap multimeter, you must consider those in the 40$ to 100$ range. Such devices will be affordable but won’t sacrifice performance.

Can a multimeter kill you?

While multimeters can be quite hazardous, they wouldn’t kill a person if you handle them disorderly. Only in extreme cases where the shock from the device you are testing is way too much can a multimeter cause considerable harm to a person.

But if you use the multimeter properly, then there will be no cause for worry.

How do I know if my multimeter is bad?

There are several things to look out for in a faulty multimeter. The most glaring one will be hugely inconsistent or false results. This one usually sticks out like a sore thumb. For example, if your multimeter has a light indicator but can’t see it working anymore, that could also point to it being faulty.

What is the meaning of a very high reading with my multimeter?

A very high reading will most likely mean the multimeter is blown. A multimeter’ fuse should have a thin wire that you can see through the glass. If you can’t see it, it means it is blown, and the multimeter is terrible.


If you were at a crossroads over which multimeter to choose while operating on a shoestring budget, we hope we have helped you solve that issue.

There are so many multimeters with good features that retail for under 100$. With a guide like ours here, it will be easier for you to identify such. Ensure you carefully look at the features the multimeter has before purchase.

Added features will come in handy for you when you are selecting a multimeter. Such features include auto-ranging capability, automatic shutoff, or even the ability to measure temperature in addition to the other tests.

If you had any gripes regarding multimeters under 100, we hope we have allayed your fears. That also shows you that you don’t need to pay way over the top for a multimeter while you can get one at a relatively pocket-friendly price.

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