Bside ZT X Multimeter Review

If you’re looking for a multimeter under $50, one of the best brands to go for is the Bside ZT-X True RMS multimeter. The China-made device has outstanding features. It’s an auto-ranging meter with an EBTN display and an intuitive interface.

Most professionals in the field love this device because of its capability to work in low voltage.

Bside ZT-X Review – True RMS Digital Multimeter

In-Depth Review

Bside ZT-X is a cheap multimeter that can test for current, AC/DC voltage continuity, and frequency. It has push buttons, unlike most meters with a standard rotary dial selector. The small size of Bside ZT-X makes it an easy-to-use device with one hand.

The Bside ZT-X big screen has three different display information; this includes temperature in all the scales and an analog bar graph. The EBTN LCD also makes this multimeter easy to read as the user won’t strain regardless of the amount of sunlight present in the work area.

The best part about having this device is that it will last longer as it’s got a double-layered case that protects it from damage. In addition, the excellent knob design will make it improve the user experience.

This multimeter can measure different AC/DC voltages, currents, continuity, frequency, and frequency. The multimeter can also test for duty cycle with, non-contact checker for AC voltage and Fahrenheit, and Celsius.


Another feature that makes Bside ZT stand out is the display. It has a bigger backlit EBTN screen that consists of 3 lines of different results.

The screen light can take up to two minutes before going off, making work in darker areas easier. In addition, the bar graph of Bside ZT-X provides an excellent view area for the changing signals while the technology gives a better viewing angle.

The hold display feature is ideal for recording readings for future use and reducing the workload during fieldwork. Since this device has an alarm beeper for continuity, the user will work safely on various electrical connections.

The beeper will sound in case of faulty connections acting as a danger warning. It will also help when on mode selection or testing for voltage and diode tests. Bside ZT also has a protective case that ensures it lasts longer as it prevents damage if it accidentally falls.


The Bside ZT-X multimeter has a 10A fuse that protects the user while working on high amperage. It also has a 200mA fuse that guards the milliamp scale. The CATIII @600 safety rating also proves how safe this device is for an electrician.

What’s in the packaging?

Build Quality

One of the best features of this multimeter is its high quality and durability. It also has a strong thermoplastic case which protects it from wear and tear.

However, one needs to handle the battery cover with care as it’s fragile, which is a common case with multimeters below $50. Another challenge is the test leads, which are short and not high quality.

The data hold feature helps store information for future use while the display ensures the user doesn’t strain while reading the results in direct sunlight.

Functions and Performance

Bside ZT has an easy-to-use feature that is ideal for beginners. Instead of a user selecting various ranges through the dial selector, they press a corresponding button. The automatic settings also enable this multimeter to change to the current measuring mode.

The battery of Bside ZT will last longer as it’s got auto-switch off settings. This makes the device power off after 5 minutes of no use. But you can disable this feature at will and then switch it on later.

The low battery indicator also makes Bside ZT a reliable device as you can change them on time and avoid inconveniences. Since it uses 2 AA batteries, it’s a money saver, unlike the expensive 9v battery.

Who’s This Multimeter For?

This is the best affordable multimeter for beginners as it’s easy to use and has strong buttons that can withstand various tests. It’s also a good choice for engineers who want to test for multiple ranges, including temperature, as it has a thermocouple. But also, a DIYer can get this fantastic tool for various home repairs.

Buying Guide

Although this is a cheap multimeter, there are features you need to be keen on before purchasing it. With the details in mind, you’ll not get disappoints and also get value for your money. Here are factors to consider while choosing a cheaper multimeter;

  • Display: It’s advisable to check the screen size and the display features to avoid having challenges while reading the results. A good display should also be backlit to enable the user to work in darker areas with ease.
  • Performance: A non-performing device will be a disappointment to the user. To avoid experiencing this, check on the customer’s reviews about the product to know if it will meet your expectations. If it has more negative reviews, it’s advisable to think twice before spending any coin.
  • Safety: Any device that works on an electrical connection should be safe to use as the live currents are dangerous. Check on the safety rating of the multimeter you’re about to buy to stay safe while at work. A good multimeter should have a safety rating of CATIII @600V or CATIV rating.

Final Thoughts

As an electrician, you need the best multimeter that’s effective and reliable. Bside ZT is one of the cheap devices that can test for capacitance, continuity, current, and temperature.

It has both auto and manual ranging, making it easy to operate a device, and giving the user enough time to concentrate on the job and not on the device settings.

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