Extech MN35 Manual Ranging Multimeter Review

Extech MN35 is a manual ranging multimeter that’s affordable and ideal for general electrical problems. It’s capable of testing current, continuity, resistance, and temperature.

The outstanding features of Extech MN35 make it a high performing device for DIYers as it fits various quick tests around the house.

This multimeter best suits beginners who don’t fully understand various electrical tests, though not the best choice for professionals who build a brand. But what are the features and specifications of this great multimeter?

Read on and understand more about the Extech MN35 digital multimeter.

Extech MN35 Multimeter Review In Detail

In-Depth Review

Extech MN35 is a cheap multimeter that can perform all the basic tests and also has useful extras. It has a manual ranging setting but is easy to use. The device can last longer as it’s got a rubber holster that prevents it from damage in case it falls, while the inbuilt tilting bail enables it to be stable on a bench or a panel.

The user of this multimeter will be safe while at work as it’s got a CATII @600V safety rating. CATII is ideal for measuring a single-phase service like appliances and socket outlets. But remember, its AC voltage ranges are 200v and 600v.

However, the DC voltage has five ranges like 200Mv, 2V,20V, 200V, and 600V. You can also test for a DC milliamp of up to 200mA only and 10A DC Amps.

The resistance of this device also comes in 5 different ranges, but continuity and diode test have a single input position. The Extech MN35 has no capacitance feature, although it can test for temperature because it consists of a thermocouple.

Functions and Performance

Even though this is the best multimeter under 30, it can’t test for capacitance but has a bigger screen that is easy to read. It also doesn’t have a backlit screen which is a big challenge when working in poorly lit areas. It has a temperature mode that is unlike most cheap multimeters.

Extech MN35 is a manual ranging multimeter that enables the user to have the desired results. The manual ranging feature allows tests for voltage, current, or resistance to give fast and accurate results.

The data hold function is ideal for a user who doesn’t want to write the readings on the screen to keep the records. Extech MN35 can lock down measurements for future reference, which compliments the lack of a backlit display. The big screen has a 2000 count and a 3 ½ digital display.

The dial has eight functions and 20 positions, allowing the user to control the AC volts, DC amps, resistance, temperature, continuity, battery check, and diode test. But it has strong buttons and data hold features.

The auto-power-off feature makes its battery last longer since it goes off after some minutes of no use. This also helps save money as you’ll not replace the battery often.

Build Quality

Extech MN35 has an ergonomic feature with soft edges and is easy to handle with a big screen. It consists of high-quality plastic materials and electronic components that make it durable and strong.

The rubber holster protects the meter if it falls, while the kickstand is foldable for easy grip. The strong case and rubber boot ensure this device lasts longer and protects it from wear and tear. The small size makes it a portable multimeter that enables the user to carry it around with ease.

What makes the Extech MN35 multimeter safe to use is the 250mA fuse on the main terminal. Still, there’s no fuse on the 10A circuit, so there needs to be careful when measuring a high energy circuit and limiting test time to around 15 seconds to the maximum.

Who’s this Multimeter for?

Extech MN35 digital multimeter has several features that a DIYer may never use them. However, it can help hobbyists test for electrical problems on home appliances’ batteries, fuses, or circuit boards.

Since this multimeter can withstand about 600v, it’s ideal for home use and other serious projects. But it’s not a suitable multimeter for a professional who works on high voltages of more than 600v or who’s looking for advanced features and functions.

But extech NM35 is a beginner’s choice as it’s easy to replace the fuse, rubber holster, and batteries. It also takes them less time to learn how to use it and has an understandable manual.


  • It has a bigger screen display
  • It can measure temperature
  • It’s strong and compact
  • It has a great holster and tilt stand


  • No backlit display
  • It doesn’t have auto-ranging
  • It can’t check for ac or capacitance

What’s Included in The Package?

User Reviews

There are different positive reviews from various users of the Extech MN35 multimeter. Most people like how it’s easy to use, accurate and precise. However, a few improvements ought to be made to improve it even though not a major concern.

Most customers noted the low price of Extech MN35 but with great features similar to the expensive devices. It’s unbelievable that this multimeter goes for less than 50. The more than 250 reviews on amazon prove that this is a multimeter worth your money as it delivers to customers’ expectations.

Final Thoughts

Extech MN35 is a popular brand that produces high-quality devices. The cheap multimeter can do various electrical tests like voltage and temperature. It’s a suitable device for a DIYer who wants an effective multimeter for different home electrical problems.

However, it can’t measure AC and capacitance, lacks a backlit screen, and isn’t a true RMS multimeter. But the extra features will also give a hobbyist or DIYer an easy time working on various electrical connections like on a socket outlet or appliances.

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