Fluke 107 Multimeter Review

As an electrician, you’ll always want to work with an easy-to-use and lightweight device. One of the compact multimeters that meet such criteria is fluke 107.

Fluke 107 is in the 100 series, and it’s budget-friendly. It will help you measure capacitance, millivolts, and current. It’s also a digital multimeter with auto-ranging and a backlit screen.

Read on and find out more about this meter. Then, we’ll give you an in-depth review of the features and specifications of fluke 107 so that you’ll have an easy time choosing the best fluke multimeter for electronics.

Fluke 107 Digital Multimeter Full Review in Detail

Features And Specifications

If you want a handheld multimeter, consider fluke 107, which is sleek and compact. It’s an auto-range device, although it doesn’t have a manual range. This multimeter will give you fast continuity reading making your work efficient. It also has a non-scratchy beeper and a latching.

Although Fluke 107 is a handheld meter, it becomes more prominent when you add tops. It’s a reliable, accurate, and easy to use a meter that anyone can use.


Since this device weighs 200 grams, it’s lightweight, giving you an easy time carrying it to different workstations. The weight also enables you to lift it to higher positions for a long without hurting your hands.


It can help you test for voltage, capacitance, resistance, and continuity. But you can also check for diode test, duty cycle, and ac/dc. The backlit display screen will enable you to work in darker areas without major challenges.

Function and Performance

The display of Fluke 107 is backlit and clear and has a 6000 count, which updates after every three seconds. It has apparent buttons and dials positions of most ranges which will make your work easy.

You’ll be able to control the duty cycle and frequency using one select button and hold features. The best thing about the buttons is that they’re strong and rubbery, making them durable and easy to handle.

Battery Performance

Its battery can serve you for around 200 hours, depending on the frequency of use. If you use backlit frequently, your battery will not last long. However, the device can save battery as it’s got auto power-off, set at 20 minutes.

Reading Visibility

Fluke 107 meter has a data hold function that enables you to store the readings for future reference. This feature allows the meter to freeze the data for the most prolonged period you’d wish for. You’ll also save on time and resources you’d use writing down the readings and also reduce the chances of recording errors.

Build Quality

Since this is a fluke meter, it means it’s made up to the required standards by fluke. But the 110 series are made in China to reduce the costs. It has a strong case, buttons, and dials, which will serve you longer.

It’s a lightweight meter that’s compact and will fit perfectly on your hands. The plastic holster will help you hold it around or hang it somewhere safe. The holster also prevents it from damage if it falls.

Fluke 107 also has a raised interface which opens it up to bangs. Although it has no built-in tilting bail, the magnetic strap will help you to fold or hang it into a stand.

It has quality flexible probes that are long, and the battery has a separate compartment that will allow you to access it with ease. Related Article: Best multimeter for home


If you buy this handheld meter, you’ll be safe while at work as it’s a fused device. The fuse is large HRC-type rated to 11A, and it’s just one as there’s no low current input on this device. However, it has good input protection with MOVs, current limiting resistors, and PTC.

Fluke 107 device has a CATIII @600V rating which proves its safety standards. But its probes have a CATIV rating at the same ground voltage.

Pros and Cons (Fluke 107 Multimeter)

It’s also the best meter for a traveler as it’s portable, lightweight, and pocketable. With it, you can correct different electrical problems while on the go.


  • It’s strong and durable
  • Its compact and nice feel
  • It has a backlit screen
  • It’s easy to use and portable
  • It can measure most ranges


  • It has no manual range
  • It doesn’t include max/min
  • It has no low current input

What’s Included in The Package

Is this a True RMS meter?

Fluke 107 doesn’t have a true RMS feature. However, it will give you accurate readings just like the other types of meters with this function.

What’s the weight and dimension of the Fluke 107 multimeter?

Fluke 107 weighs 200 grams which makes it a lightweight meter. Its dimension is 1.1 by 2.72 by 5.59 inches. This multimeter is a small device that’s easy to carry around in your pocket for various workstations.

Which one is the best between fluke 107 and fluke 101?

If you have to choose between fluke 101 and fluke 107, you’ll find it challenging to settle for one of them. Because they’re both in the 100 series and with almost similar features, to make your work easier, check each device’s accuracy level, quality of build, and safety level.

Final Thoughts

Having fluke 107, a handheld multimeter will give you an easy time working on different electric problems as it is lightweight and portable. With it, you can test for capacitance, frequency, and continuity. It’s a robust and durable meter that can work in darker areas as it’s backlit.

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