Fluke 117 Multimeter Review

Fluke 117 is one of the best fluke meters in the 110 series that any electrician should have in their tool kit. It’s strong and the cheapest among the fluke range of multimeters.

This multimeter has varied features that will help you solve light electrical problems as it gives a high level of accuracy. It’s also a non-contact meter that’s capable of auto-ranging with the auto-V/LoZ function.

Fluke 117 Digital Multimeter Full Review

Product Overview

Fluke 117 is a strong and durable meter that will help you reconnect and install light electrical problems within no time. It has similar features as the fluke 115 but with an additional voltAlert that gives you quick voltage reading.

This multimeter is small with an ergonomic design which provides you with an easy time while at work as you’ll not strain to carry it around. It has a larger display backlit, meaning you can use it in darker areas and won’t have a hard time reading the results.

This meter’s amperage range has a sensitivity of 1 milliamp increments of up to 6A and 10mA from 6A to 10A. It also has a diode check of 2V and resistance from 0.01 ohms to 40 ohms. Fluke 117 has a holster that protects it from damage.

Fluke 117 Design

Fluke meter 117 is a small device with a shapely design that makes it stand out from others. It is also using high-quality materials that make it durable and robust. This device is also beautiful, and the raised input dial selector will give you an easy time operating it one-handedly.

You can operate the dial, offset with just a thumb when holding it in the left hand. This enables you to adjust, test, or monitor the electrical problem if you’ve nowhere to put the meter while working.

The best thing about this device is its battery compartment which is easy to access using a screw and not removing the holster. The compartment has a direct-to-board terminal and a robust design.

It has a stand which helps you keep it safe while not in use. This device also has different power settings and options for easy handling.

Fluke 117 Displays and Labels

Fluke 117 meter has a 6000-count display which works perfectly. It has a large, evident screen display. The screen is also visible, giving clear and the right size readings.

The LCD has LED-backlit that shines in dark areas enabling you to work with ease. The display updates four times every second and shows all the icons clearly. This device has a multi-segment bar graph that is accurate and gives regular updates at 32 every second.

Fluke 117 Function and Performance

Fluke 117 meter has 11 input dials which enables you to select different functions without much struggle using the left-hand thumb. You can also adjust the inputs without gloves, meaning it’s safe for use.

This meter has no milliamps or micro-amp range. You can also use this device to get the min/max range as they’ve got a separate button for that.

The diode check contains a sound alert that notifies you when the results are ready. This also enables you to get accurate results on time on the positive continuity.

The voltage and amperage ranges are on the edge of the dial, while the auto-v and VoltAlert have their selection buttons.

The best thing about Fluke 117 meters is that it’s easy to use as you only touch/ hold it to work best. The battery of this meter can serve you for about 400 hours.


When you buy this device, you’ll get value for your money as it’s strong and has a rubber boot that prevents it from damage. Its dials can also withstand bangs and drops, unlike many multimeters making it last longer.

It has an 11-amp HRC ceramic fuse and onboard suppression devices that protect it from overload. The internal baffles also prevent the circuitry from damage.

It also has a deep lip which protects the device against humidity levels and inclement weather; this allows you to work with it anywhere without worries.

This multimeter also has a CATIII rating and has undergone standard testing at the factory, ensuring you’re safe while at work.

Who Is This Device For?

Fluke 117 best suits DIY enthusiasts or general electricians who want to do simple repairs around the house or office. You can also use it in light industries, hospitals, or trainees, but it is not best for lab technicians to test problems in intricate electronic circuitry.

This is because its features and easy-to-use input design allow you to operate it with one hand. You can also use this multimeter as a backup meter as a service technician in the field or diagnose problems in the auto industry.


  • It has a big backlit display
  • It’s small and portable
  • It gives accurate and reliable results
  • It can test electrical problems without having contacts.
  • It has a responsive bar graph that gives fast results
  • You can access the battery easily


  • It doesn’t have a milliamp or micro-amp range
  • It doesn’t have a case

What’s Included in The Package

Final Thoughts

Buy this fluke 117, which has unique features other devices in the 110 series don’t have, and enjoy working on different electrical problems. Related Article: Best home use multimeter

This true RMS meter will give you accurate readings through the min/max features. The LoZ feature prevents ghost voltages, and you can use it to test for frequency, continuity, AC/DC or resistance, voltage, and amperage.

You’ll have an easy time using this device as it allows you to operate it one-handedly. This device is also easy to use, strong, durable, and cheaper than most fluke multimeters. However, you can’t use it in the lab.

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