Etekcity MSR-R500 Multimeter Review

As an electrician or an engineering student on a tight budget, getting the best multimeter that performs might be challenging because most devices with better features are expensive.

The Etekcity multimeter, a mini digital multimeter, can test for current, resistance, and voltage. It can also diagnose various electrical faults like wiring problems in the house or circuit board component checks.

Etekcity MSR-R500 Digital Multimeter Full Review

Product Review

The MSR-R500 is a low-cost digital multimeter from Etekcity that can test for voltage current and resistance. It can also measure continuity and produce square waveforms of up to 50 Hz.

This device has a strong rubber sleeve that protects it from damage if it falls. It also has the best design that can handle the most challenging jobs you can’t imagine.

This reliable device is also accurate and works effectively. Of course, since it has manual ranging, you’ve got to switch to a nearby anticipated higher value to test. But the manual range is ideal for choosing the best range to test for either current, voltage, or resistance.

This will increase your productivity as an electrician, especially those who have challenges choosing the best measurement range.

Etekcity digital multimeter has a data hold button that helps you when recording the measurements on display. If you press the button, the readings will show on your screen for a long, enabling you to record accurate measurements.

It has an LCD backlight display which enables electricians to work in darker areas without straining to see what they’re working on or the readings. The protective rubber sleeve protects it from damage and makes it easy to carry around as it’s lightweight.

The continuity buzzer ensures that all the electrical components are connected well. Etekcity has a sampling speed of 2 times a second, giving fast results when testing for current or voltage.

Functions and Interface

The Etekcity digital multimeter has an attractive design and a clear display that updates two to three times a second. It has a more oversized dial and buttons, which are easy to use, and three jack sockets at the base. But there’s a need to be careful with the ranges, especially if you’re not an electrician, as they have one color.

It has no auto-ranging allowing an electrician to work with a range that is suitable for them. If you get a wrong test for amps, ohms, and volts of a circuit more than a given range setting, this device will have an over-limit (OL) on its screen.

You can have an easy time recording the measurements with the hold function, as it’ll lock them until you re-press the button. The sleep mode acts as the battery saver of this device as it automatically goes to this setting after thirty minutes of no use. The battery has a low battery indicator which will help you know when you’re to replace them.

Build Quality and Protection

Although the Etekcity digital multimeter is a cheap device, it will give you value for your money as it’s strong and well built. It has bigger dials protected with a rubber holster which makes it easy to hold the device.

The pop-out kickstand makes it a hands-free operation device. Although this device has physical protection by the rubber sleeve, it has primary probe terminal protection of 200mA.

But the DC 10A is not fused, so it’s advisable to avoid testing for this high current. If you’re not an electrician, you might find it challenging to use; the manual can come to your rescue.


The Etekcity digital multimeter is safe for use as it’s got two built-in ceramic fuse tubes that make it the safest and most secure device. It also has overload protection which is active on all ranges.

The beep function also increases its safety level while at work as it will produce sounds if there’s a wrong connection. Apart from that, this multimeter is also safe from wear and tear as it’s got a protective sleeve.


  • It’s small in size and lightweight
  • It has a backlit display
  • It has a hold feature
  • It’s cheap
  • It has a hold feature for accurate recording


  • It has a user manual ranging only
  • It doesn’t have ac amperage range
  • It has limited current measuring capability

What’s Included in The Package

Who’s This Multimeter For?

The Etekcity is the best multimeter for an electrician who wants to use it for general purposes of work. However, it will work best for a DIYer who wants to troubleshoot electrical problems at home or basic electronics.

It’s also suitable for electrical students or auto electricians who wish to have a cheap but best multimeter. Finally, if you’re not an electrician, you might find it challenging to use; the manual can come to your rescue.

Customers Reviews

When you want to buy a digital multimeter, it’s ideal to look at the customer’s review to know if it’ll meet your expectations.

In the customer’s reviews section, various clients narrate their experience with the product, discouraging or encouraging them to buy it.

Here are the comments of customers who’ve used the Etekcity digital multimeter.

Eric Nalbbach from Canada says,

“I’m not an electrician, but this unit works great for what I need, checking my motorcycle batteries and electrical connections. Small, rugged, and easy to use. I recommend this especially for cheapskates like me”

Final Thoughts

Although the Etekcity MSR-R500 multimeter is a cheap device, it can perform just like other devices. It can test for current, voltage, and resistance. In addition, it can work on broken wiring circuits, battery checks, and tests for the mains voltage.

The best thing about it is it’s easy to use, durable, and accurate. It also has a backlit display that makes working in darker areas less challenging, and the lightweight proves how portable it is.

However, this device can’t test for AC and also capacitance.

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