Fluke 289 True Rms Multimeter Review

If you’re a mechanic, the best multimeter to go for is Fluke 289. Although it resembled other fluke meters, it has better features that make it deliver according to your expectations. Unfortunately, the upgraded features make it more expensive than other devices.

Here’s an in-depth review of fluke 289, which will help you know what this device will help you do as a mechanic.

We’ll show you all the features and specifications that make it stand out from the rest.

Fluke 289 True RMS In Depth Review

Product Overview

Fluke 289 is a digital RMS meter that has got a white backlight screen display. Its display can show 50000 counts ¼ VGA which shows how fast it is. It can store 15,000 events that will help you save time writing down the readings and make your work easier when looking for the previous records.

It meets manufacturers’ standards as it got NIST calibration, making it safe to use the device. It’s lightweight, which will enable you to use or carry it anywhere with ease. You can use this device to test for AC/DC, continuity, frequency, temperature, and voltage.

But you can also check for min/max/average modes, including a timestamp, and zoom on the trend of up to 14 times.

Fluke 289 True Rms Multimeter with Trend Capture

It can help you solve complex problems in electronics, power distribution, electromechanical equipment, and plant automation. In addition, this device has TrendCapture enabling you to log the data and graphically review 10000 recorded and logged events.

Fluke 289 True Rms Multimeter Software Download

Fluke 289 is connect-compatible, which means you can set it up with an ir3000 FC wireless connector, although you’ve got to buy it separately.

This will help you connect it with your iOS or Android smart device using the fluke connect mobile app and check readings from a remote location.

You can also share readings with your team faster and anytime from anywhere using ShareLive video calls. So fluke 289 can help you do your work within no time and reduce downtime.

You’ll be able to get accurate frequency and voltage readings as it’s got a low pass filter. This multimeter also enables you to adjust the speeds of motor drives.

Body Quality

This device meets flukes manufacturing standards as it’s made of high-quality materials. It’s strong and durable, so it’ll help you get value for your money. It has a bigger display screen that’s clear, making you not struggle to read the results. It also has a white backlit display which will give precise readings.

Although some of these cheaper versions are made in China, it’s of a high standard as production is only a way of reducing the cost of production. It has an integrated holster that you can’t remove and protects the device from damage. In addition, the holster has a plastic kickstand which makes this device safe for use.

The exterior of this meter is strong, but you’ve got to be careful with it as the large screen is vulnerable to drops that can cost you valuable devices. So, it’s advisable to carry it in a case to protect the screen from damage.

Function and Performance

With this device, you’ll have a record of past tests giving you an easy time doing your work. This is because it’s got a real-time automatic clock that will stamp the saved results on the meter. In addition, it can store about 15000 readings meaning you’ll access the results after quite some time.

You’ll be able to get accurate and reliable readings as it has a low impedance voltage feature, reducing the chances of getting ghost readings. In addition, the unique logging and graphs functions prevent you from downloading logged readings to a PC; this helps you reduce your workload while using this meter.

The backlit screen will enable you to work in poorly lit areas without straining. This feature also allows you to work on the electric problem regardless of time. Additionally, the display has a 50000 count, ¼ VGA which proves how fast you’ll be getting the readings.

Display and Labels

The display of fluke 289 has a dot matrix and ¼ VGA type, which helps it build graphs. The display has a 50,000 count and a high resolution. The best thing about using this device to solve electrical problems is that it will enable you to read multiple results. For example, you can read the live readout and min/max simultaneously. Or frequency and voltage once.

This device allows you to have a zoom facility on graphic mode to get a clear resolution. This will help you save on time you’d use transferring data to your PC. It also has a bar graph that shows fast readings and picks changing signals within no time.

However, this device may give you a hard time as it’s got ghosting on rapidly changing digits. The two-stage backlit screen will also consume lots of batteries. The dial selector of this device is also cluttered, which makes it not the ideal multimeter for beginners.


  • It can measure all the electrical ranges
  • It has a fast auto range
  • It has improved data logging capabilities
  • It’s fast, accurate, and reliable
  • It’s got extra features such as low impedance and low pass
  • It’s solid and durable


  • Its battery lifespan is not good enough
  • It has no temperature probe
  • It takes time to boot up
  • It’s a bit big, making it not easy to carry around
  • You have to use an adapter or cable to connect it to your PC or smartphone

Fluke 289 True Rms Multimeter pdf

This is the best device for an electrician who wants easy time recording readings as it’s got auto time stamping of the around 15000 recorded readings. It will also make your work easier as it can check all the electrical ranges accurately. Here you can find User Guide

Final Thoughts

Although fluke 289 is among the best affordable fluke multimeter, it will give you value for your money to measure all the ranges. It will also give you an easy time to record 15000 readings, acting as a future reference. The best thing about it is that it allows you to share data on a video through ShareLive.

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