Fluke 115 Multimeter Review

As an electrician, you’ll need the best test device which will help you fix all the electrical problems around you. But you’ve got to ensure the test device is accurate and reliable. One such device is the fluke 115, which is also the best selling multimeter from the fluke manufacturers.

This popular meter will help you check for continuity, capacitance, diode, frequency, and voltage. But, do you know the specifications and features of this amazing tool?

Here’s an in-depth review that will help you go for a product so that you fully understand how works.

Fluke 115 Multimeter Review In Detail

In-Depth Review

Fluke 115 is easy to use and its pocket size and user-friendly. You can use it to carry out different tests like voltage, resistance frequency, current, and capacitance. It can also help you check for diode tests, a temperature that also makes it the best device for the HVAC system.

Fluke 115 is also a high standard multimeter since its manufacturers ensure it meets the production standards. This makes it a strong, compact multimeter that will last longer. It’s also a safe device to use as it meets safety requirements giving you peace of mind while at work.

It can test for 600V AC and DC, continuous amperage of 10A, a resistance of 40ohm, and frequency of 50 kHz. Fluke 115 multimeter is also a reliable and accurate device that will increase your work credibility as a technician.

Remember this is also an RMS meter, so you’ll get accurate readings on various AC waveforms from the sine waves to your home and industry to irregular waves from variable speed drives and digital systems.

The Design and Quality

What makes this device stand out from the rest is its compact size and rugged body. It’s also a cheap device among other fluke brand. It has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle the tool, while the strong case will prevent damage.

This meter is also strong in and out, which makes it last longer. The tough holster will prevent it from damage if it falls. It has a protected circuit board and consists of a standard rotary input selector dial. You can operate this device with one hand as it’s easy to use and lightweight.

Fluke 115 also gives you an easy time working on higher areas while raising your hands. The size and weight enable you to carry it wherever it can fit in your pocket.


This device has a more prominent display which will enable you to work without straining your eyes. The screen is also backlit, which comes in handy when working in darker areas like inside control panels and roof spaces. It has a 6000-count display that shows easy-to-read digits and results within no time.

In addition, this device has a responsive bar graph and clear unit icons. But the screen’s resolution and contrast of this device might give you challenges. This is because if you view it from an angle makes it look a bit washed out.

Its buttons and dial are clear and easy to use, and it’s got hold, max/min, and range functions. The buttons are backlit, meaning you won’t struggle to identify the right to use in dark areas. Its dials are considered accurate and allow you to handle it with one hand.


Fluke 115 has a strong case that protects it from damage if it falls. The holster also keeps it safe as it makes it resistant to drops, wear, tear, or humidity. It’s got inline fusion and overload protection, which makes it a safe-to-use device. You can easily access the battery and includes a hard-wired terminal to the board.


If you buy this multimeter, you’ll be safe at work as it’s got a CATIII safety rating. It also has other features which ensure you don’t get wrong readings that can increase your risks while working on electrical wires.

Performance and Functions

Fluke 115 has nine dial positions like the millivolts, resistance, diode check, amps, and DC/AC. But the fuses, diodes, and continuity check of leads have a beeper. The function button also acts as the frequency and capacitance measurements.

It also has three input jacks for connectivity like the resistance, continuity, and voltage on the central terminal common and amps. But it doesn’t have a milliamp jack socket as in other devices.

Nevertheless, it gives fast readings and does show slew measurements that match within the home or industry.

Fluke 115 meter has an auto power-off feature which will make your battery serve you longer. A long-lasting battery means you’ll save on the costs of purchasing another set.

Fluke 115 has an auto-hold function which will reduce your workload, especially when you’re in the field. Because it will save the readings automatically for future reference, making you not write the results.

The best thing about this multimeter is it’s multifunctional, as you can use it to measure frequency, voltage, resistance, and current. Related Article: Top rated multimeter

In addition, the alarm warnings will make this an easy-to-use meter, especially for beginners, as it’ll alert you in case of mistakes when fixing an electrical problem.

Who’s This Device For?

Fluke 115 multimeter is best for an electrician, DIYer, or electrical enthusiast who wants to fix electrical problems at home, in the field, or light industry.

But a beginner will enjoy using this device as it’s got an alerting alarm if you make errors. A technician can also use it as a secondary tool as it’s portable and gives fast and accurate readings. Click here: for User’s guide


  • It’s got a bigger screen
  • It allows you to operate it one-handedly
  • It has auto power-off
  • It’s accurate and durable


  • It doesn’t have a touch hold mode
  • It doesn’t have a dedicated milliamp range

Final Thoughts

Get a fluke 115 digital multimeter for the technician and have accurate, reliable readings within no time. It’s affordable, easy to use, and portable, allowing you to carry it to any workstation.

With the above information, you’ll have an easy time settling for the best test device as you’ve better understood the multimeter.

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