AstroAI AM33D Digital Multimeter Review

AstroAI AM33D multimeter is the best device for an electrician who wants to do basic or simple electrical repairs. Although it’s a cheap tool, it has all the standard features that can perform better. AstroAI AM33D has several reviews that make it stand out from the rest because of its capabilities.

Do you want to know what qualifies this device as a better performing multimeter? Here’s an in-depth review of AstroAI AM33D, which every user should know before using it.

We’ll show you both the features and specifications that it has and customers’ reviews.

AstroAI AM33D Digital Multimeter Review In Detail

Product Overview

AstroAI AM33D is a digital multifunctional multimeter that measures resistance, AC/DC voltage, diode, and DC. It can work both for home or industrial electrical connection problems within no time.

AstroAI AM33D multimeter will help electricians work on fuses, charging systems, automotive circuit troubleshooting, and testing for car electronics.

The accuracy level of this multimeter makes it a reliable device. It’s good for troubleshooting various problems as it’s got a fast speed of 2 times a second.

The inbuilt backlit LCD is ideal for working in darker areas. It has a 2000 count with 31/2 digits plus high polarity comprising both positive and negative readings.

What makes this inexpensive multimeter safe to use is the double ceramic fuse that’s anti-burn and overload. The AstroAI AM33D is also safe from damage as the silicon cover protects it if it falls or from electric shock.

The low battery indicator is a plus to the user as they’ll know when to recharge and avoid leaving the job halfway. Another advantage of this multimeter is how easy it is to use.

The user can utilize the hold function to record the device readings for future reference. Anyone is safe using this multimeter as it’s got a continuity buzzer that produces alarming sounds when there are faulty connections, and it also has a CATIII safety rating@ of 300v.

AstroAI AM33D can test for diode, voltage, current, continuity, resistance, and transistor. It has a grip and a kickstand which makes it an easy-to-handle multimeter.

Function and Performance

Even though this is not an auto ranging multimeter, it can perform better as it has a backlit display and holds functions.  It’s also easy to use and can test for voltage, capacitance, and resistance. The multifunctional features make AstroAI AM33D an effective multimeter that delivers.

The low battery indicator will help the user know when to replace the battery and avoid accidental inconveniences. The LCD backlit screen has a 2000 count that has a high resolution for ease of use.

The continuity buzzer and low battery indicator make this tool effective and reliable. This device is an accurate multimeter that will give an electrician credibility at work.

Build Quality

AstroAI AM33D multimeter consists of high-quality materials that make it strong. It has a silicon case cover case that makes it durable. It has a strong grip at the edge, enabling hands-free operation, while the kickstand will prevent falling.

Protection and Safety

Working with this multimeter ensures the user is safe while at work. It has a CATII rating which meets the required standards.

The intelligent anti-burn and dual fuse protect the user further as it makes the device secure and reliable. It also has overload protection on all the ranges reducing the potential risks while at work.


  • It’s ideal for household and automotive use
  • It has a low battery indicator
  • It’s strong and durable
  • It has a bigger screen display


  • It can’t test for AC

Who’s This Multimeter For?

AstroAI AM33D is the best for an electrician who wants accurate and fast results on various electrical problems. It works best on automotive and household electrical issues like fuses, outlets, charging systems, and automotive circuits.

A DIYer can also use this device to troubleshoot different electrical connections at home or office. However, one needs to set it to the correct settings before use.

Final Thoughts

AstroAI AM33D is the best affordable multimeter any electrician should not miss in their toolbox. It is multifunctional, accurate, and gives fast results. The multimeter is safe for use and can last longer as it’s got a strong case.

However, it can’t test for AC and requires the user to ensure it has the right settings to be safe. Buy this great device and troubleshoot different electrical issues on the charging system, batteries, and fuses or outlets.

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