9 Best Multimeters Under 50$ (Cheap To High-End)

What makes a multimeter the best? Is it the price, the versatility, or the ease of use?

That is particularly true when you consider that not all cheap products are often worth the money. How many times have you heard some people say pay more and get a better product?

Does that mean you can get any quality multimeters? Of course not. Most people cannot find an affordable multimeter, but don’t worry, we have reviewed them in our guide.

Comparison Table: Best Multimeter Under 50$

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1. Best Overall: Klein Tools MM400

Klein is a famous tool maker, thanks to the quality of the tools they make. Their multimeter doesn’t change much it comes to quality and ease of use. The Klein MM400 is one such multimeter that is affordable but will still give you quality performance.

You can use it to measure 10A of DC or AC, 600V of AC and DC voltage, as well as 40M resistance. It will also test temperature, frequency, duty cycle continuity, diodes, and other tests. That tells you how versatile it is.

Klein MM400 has a safety rating of 600V CAT III. That gives you all the safety assurance you need when working. It also means you won’t have to worry about damaging the equipment you will be testing. This multimeter is quite hardy. That is in large part thanks to the rugged build it possesses.

The rigid construction ensures it survives a drop of 3.3 feet with little to no damage. That makes it ideal for demanding work environments. It also has an accessible battery compartment for when you need to change the battery. Read More: Klein MM400 full review


  • Accessible battery compartment and low battery indicator
  • The rugged build makes it durable
  • Offers Versatile testing


  • The user interface could do with some improvements

2. Best Value: Etekcity MSR-R500

Etekcity digital multimeter boasts accuracy and safe usage. The Etekcity multimeter also has a large backlit display that ensures you can easily do readings. It can test AC/DC voltage, resistance, Direct current (DC), resistance, continuity, diodes and duty cycle.

Like Innova, it also has overload protection on all ranges. That also makes it safe to use when diagnosing industrial or electrical faults. It also has anti-burn fuses that ensure it doesn’t quickly burn out with a bit of current surge.

You are sure to love this multimeter because it comes with a stand for hands-free use. Also, it has a rugged build that makes it ideal for demanding work environments.

When testing for continuity, the buzzer makes it easier to know whether it has detected anything or not. And in case you haven’t read the results yet, the data hold feature will freeze them on the screen for you to use to your satisfaction.

On the negative, you cannot use this multimeter to test for AC. That, however, doesn’t mean it isn’t a handy multimeter. Read More: Etekcity multimeter full review


  • The continuity buzzer makes it easy to use
  • Overload protection on all ranges
  • Large display with backlight
  • Simple, easy to use design


  • It is quite challenging to access the battery compartment

3. Best Low Cost: AstroAI AM33D

AstroAI AM33D has been around for some time and boasts several top-of-the-grade tools, including this multimeter. The AstroAI digital multimeter will help you accurately test DC, diodes, continuity, and resistance.

It comes with several features to make it easy to use, such as the data hold function. You won’t have to do readings thanks to the data hold function quickly. It also has a two times-per-second sampling speed for speedy testing.

The AstroAI also comes with a digital display that has a backlight. The backlight makes it easy to use in the dark and when the sun messes with the screen contrast.

This multimeter also allows you to use it in hands-free mode. That’s because it comes with an inbuilt kickstand that makes it easier to use with your hands. In addition to that, it also has protective rubber corners that make it durable. Read More: AstroAI full review in detail


  • Protective rubber corners make it durable
  • Inbuilt stand for handsfree operation
  • Large digital display with backlight
  • Has the data hold function


  • Ideal only for household and small-scale tests

4. Digital Mini MultiMeter: Extech MN35

Next is the Extech MN35 which is a compact manual ranging multimeter that will guarantee you accurate results. It has eight different functions, including temperature testing, making it a rather versatile multimeter to own. This multimeter is also easy to use, thanks to the large display.

The LCD screen is large and shows up to 2000 counts in a large, easy-to-read font. The Extech is a relatively compact multimeter that will fit in your hands or back pocket. That makes it easier to move from workplace to workplace. It has a rubber holster that protects it from damage when it accidentally drops.

In addition to the other tests, you can also use this multimeter to test for 10 A of Direct current. Add that to the ability to test for AC and DC voltage up to 600V. The data hold feature means you can have the screen lock for the results until you record them. Read More: Extech MN35 in detail


  • The data hold function adds some convenience to using it
  • Small and compact for easier moving from place to place
  • The large digital display is easy to read
  • Rubber holster makes it hardier


  • The lack of the auto-ranging feature makes it lacking when compared to other multimeters

5. AC/DC Auto/Manual Range Multimeter: Mastech MS8268

The Mastech MS8268 multimeter will offer you more than just attractive features. It provides convenience as well as versatility and accuracy for all the results.

In addition, it features a large digital display with a backlight to make it easier for you to use, for starters. It also has a sound and light warning when you are using the jacks. You are therefore assured of your safety when using it.

Mastech multimeter also has the relative measurement on all ranges except when using it to test frequency. Additionally, it also has the best automatic and manual ranging adding to the flexibility when using it.

Furthermore, the Mastech is fused on all ranges to add to the safety when using it. Thus, it makes it one of the safest yet most affordable options on the market at the moment.

So although it lacks some features expected in more expensive brands, it still is a decent multimeter that should give you value for your money. Read More: Masteck full review


  • The manual and automatic ranging options make it flexible
  • The large display with a backlight makes it easier to use
  • Relative measurement adds to the accuracy of results


  • You can’t screw the probes onto any type of alligator clips

6. Auto Range Multi Tester: ALLOSUN EM3082

Next on our list is the AlloSun EM3082 multimeter which boats a compact size that makes it ideal for fast movement from workplace to workplace. It can work for diodes, resistance, DC, and AC, as well as continuity.

In addition, it has an automatic ranging function and an in-built buzzer when making tests to further add to the accuracy. The buzzer lets you know whenever the multimeter detects current or any other value you are testing for.

With the auto power-off function, you are sure to avoid coming back to a dead battery when you mistakenly forget to switch it off. The data hold function is another function that adds to the ease of use.

The AlloSun multimeter comes with a large 3.5-inch LCD screen that makes doing readings as easy as possible. The screen can also display a maximum reading of 1999, which should cover most readings.

This multimeter runs on batteries that will need replacing every once in a while. That is why the low battery indicator comes in handy. It will let you know if it is time to change the batteries or not.

Read More: AlloSun EM3082 review in detail


  • It has the data hold function, which also makes it easy to use
  • The low battery indicator tells you when to replace the batteries
  • Large LCD screen that shows extensive readings
  • The buzzer adds to the ease of use


  • It shows results slower than other multimeters

7. INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

The Innova 3320 multimeter is another option to consider if you are looking for an affordable multimeter. It will help you safely troubleshoot household and industrial issues fast and with accuracy.

Its auto-ranging scales quickly set the range and set the correct measurement, eliminating the need for you to dial in the values you want, as with manual ranging multimeters. Read More: Innova 3320 full review

What stands out most with this multimeter is the display. As you might have known by now, the display is an integral part of any multimeter.

Therefore, it should be not only large but also provide precise results. You will consequently love this multimeter display that is large and color-coded, ensuring convenience when testing.

Innova 3320 multimeter is also relatively easy to use. What proves that is the single setting you need to test for either AC or DC resistance.

In addition to that, it has a simple design that would be ideal even for a newbie to navigate. Another thing you will love is the input impedance that reduces instances of ghost readings.


  • The single resistance setting on AC or DC makes it easier to use
  • It has a large display with LED color codes
  • The input impedance adds to its accuracy


  • Its auto-ranging feature takes a long time to scale down on low current, voltage, or resistance leads.

8. Proster VC97 Autoranging Multimeter 6000 Count

The Proster VC97 is a 6000-count digital multimeter that allows you to make relative, maximal, and minimal value measurements. It also has both automatic and manual ranging giving you the best of both worlds.

In addition to all those, you also test the temperature with it, and it comes with a temperature probe. It also has overload protection on all ranges, making it a safe multimeter to use.

Another thing that impressed us is the protective rubber sleeve and the stand. The multimeter stand ensures you can use it in hands-free mode, while the rubber sleeves make it durable.

The rubber sleeves also enable it to withstand demanding work environments. Although it is portable on its own, you still get the benefit of a carry bag. You can throw it inside the carry bag when on the move and use it anywhere you like. Read More: Proster full review


  • A protective rubber sleeve makes it durable
  • Has both automatic and manual ranging
  • Type K probe for testing temperature
  • The stand enables hands-free use


  • The stand isn’t that good and flips too much

9. Neoteck Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter

The Neoteck 8233D auto-ranging multimeter is another option to consider if you are looking for a multimeter under 50 dollars. It is a comprehensive application multimeter that you can use to do so many different tests.

It comes with a 9-volt battery that is in an easy to access battery slot. Neoteck multimeter is also a safe option to use since it has overload protection on all ranges. You can thus be sure you will be safe from any explosions caused by sudden current surges.

Another thing you will love with this multimeter is the large display with a backlight. The display ensures you can do readings quickly, even when in the dark. It also has an excellent protective shell. The shell ensures the multimeter is resilient even in the face of harsh working environments.

You will therefore own it for a longer time, thanks to how durable it is. In addition to the protective shell, the material used to make this multimeter is nonslip and soft to ensure it doesn’t easily escape your grasp when using it.


  • The large LCD display with backlight makes it easy to use
  • It is safe to use thanks to the overload protection
  • It has a protective shell that boosts durability
  • It is versatile


  • The continuity beeper isn’t audible enough

FAQs: 3 Questions & Answers

Is a multimeter under 50 worth it?

Although most people will dismiss cheap multimeters as not worth it, you could find some good deals for the lowest prices.

For instance, you might have noted that the multimeters on our list have several incredible features anyone would love in a multimeter. So what does that tell you about their value for money? It means they are worth every penny.

What is the best rated multimeter under 50$?

The has incredible features that led us to believe it is the best rated multimeter under 50 dollars.

Are there any True RMS multimeters under 50$?

True RMS scales make a multimeter more accurate and easier to use. As a result, it could prove a tall order finding such a helpful feature in multimeters under 50. The best True RMS multimeter is . Related Article: Best multimeter for home use

That doesn’t mean the other multimeters aren’t worth your time, though. They all have their strengths and will still offer you the best performance with accurate results. You will also get to enjoy the durability they afford you.

Final Thoughts

On the other hand, what do convenience features mean? Convenience features are those features that make the multimeter easier and more convenient to use. Such features include the data hold feature and the backlight.

The data hold feature adds convenience by ensuring you can lock the data on the multimeter’s screen until you are ready to use it. On the other hand, the backlight ensures you can still see the results even in the dark.

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