Mastech MS8268 Multimeter Review

One of the best multimeters that are popular for their performance and price is the Mastech MS8268. The mid-level digital multimeter best suits non-electricians who want to do basic repairs around the home. It’s easy to use and has excellent features, input, and an interface that won’t confuse a beginner.

Mastech MS8268 can test for current, voltage, resistance, and capacitance. It can also do transistor gain checker and frequency while the backlit screen and data hold feature to make it an effective device. Read on and get a deeper insight into the capabilities of this auto-ranging multimeter.

Mastech MS8268 Digital Multimeter Review

In-Depth Review

An MS8268 multimeter will help any DIYer sort out some electrical problems around the home, car, or bench. The device is safe to use as it’s got a category II rating of between 600V and 1000V. So it’s not advisable to use the multimeter for higher voltages as it doesn’t have input protection.

Its maximum voltage is DC of 1000V, AC voltage of 750V while current is 10A, and a frequency of 200KHz while a capacity range of 200uF. The capacitance range of this device is somehow small, but that is common with most cheap multimeters.

The MS8268 can do transistor tests because it has an adapter entering the low current/COM jack sockets with many test options. But be careful with a cheap multimeter with a transistor as they’re dangerous.

One thing which makes this meter a beginner’s device is the auto-ranging function that enables them to concentrate on the results rather than the settings. But a professional electrician can also enjoy using the manual ranging multimeter to get the desired results faster.

The data hold will allow the user to record the results for future reference to freeze the display. This also enables the electrician to zero out the display and use the data for more delicate resistance circuit tests.

With this multimeter, there is no worry about regularly replacing the batteries as it’s got auto-power off, which enables it to go off after some time of no use. The light and audible beeps make this meter a safe-to-use device as it sounds as if there are faulty input connections.

Build Quality

The physical outlook of the Mastech MS8268 is not only attractive but also strong and durable. It has a rubber holster that protects it when it accidentally falls. The tilting bail on the rear of the tester and the different battery compartment makes it an effective multimeter. One can easily replace the batteries as the compartment is easily accessible.

The buttons and dial selectors are well-placed in positions that give the user no challenges while using the device. The MS8262’s interior is clear as the manufacturer was highly concerned with developing the interface and case.

Displays and Labels

The display of this device, considering its price, is good. It has a 4000 count and a 3 ¾ digit with a sample, and it updates 2 ½ times every second. The blue screen backlit display enables the user to work in poorly lit areas. But it can stay on for a few seconds at a time.

The display shows all the functions and symbols on the screen, like the polarity and low battery indicator. The data hold helps the user while in the field and can’t record the readings.

It has a clear and well-labeled dial selector and over the jack socket inputs. The blue LED display facilitates work in darker areas, and since it lights for some seconds, it won’t consume much battery.

Functions and Performance

This auto-ranging multimeter under 50 will enable the user to do various tests like capacitance, resistance, and voltage.

However, it can’t measure frequency and an electrician in need of this feature must get a better multimeter. It has 11 positions and is centrally placed off buttons. Using this multimeter is easy as it has clear and distinct dial selectors and different voltage and resistance positions.

MS8268 has four jack sockets and an extra function of the input warning system. This makes it safe to use the meter as it will warn the user of faulty connections. The low battery indicator and auto power-off functions help save the batteries and reduce inconveniences while at work.

Protection and Safety

One thing that makes this the best choice tool is how safe it is to use. It has a CATI and CATV safety rating and caps. The rubber holster protects it from damage, while the rugged body helps the user handle it with ease.

The MS8268 has fuse protection of 10A on the primary current, also proving how safe it is. Remember, the fuse is ceramic 10A/250V, although it resembles HRC. The resettable protects the milliamps input, but the jack input doesn’t have a protector.


  • It has several input ranges
  • It has a backlit display
  • Its battery has a different compartment
  • It has quality leads


  • The category safety rating is wanting
  • The manual is not well written well
  • It has a low capacitance range
  • It doesn’t have input protection

Who’s This Multimeter For?

This is the right multimeter for a DIY who wants to use it occasionally on home electronics, work on computer power supplies, or be a hobbyist. It can also help work on electrical problems in HVAC systems.

However, it’s not the best-suited multimeter for engineers who work electrical connections with high energy.

Why is this Multimeter Trust Worthy?

One thing that should attract any electrician to buy this multimeter is how safe it is while using it. Remember, electricity is dangerous and can cost your life.

The other thing is its capabilities; for example, this multimeter can test for different ranges accurately. It can also work in poorly lit areas and is affordable.

Customer Review

There are hundreds of customer review for mastech i.e Joe W from the united states expressed their view;

I was expecting only moderate build quality and performance from this meter, and to my surprise my expectations were greatly exceeded. The meter is packaged very well for safe shipping, and includes a set of thick, durable feeling probes with protective end covers on both ends – a very nice touch.

Final Thoughts

Mastech MS8268 is capable of carrying out different tests except for frequency. It’s cheap and safe to use, a reason an electrician should have it in their toolbox. However, it is advisable not to use it on high-energy electrical connections.

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