Innova 3320 Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter

In the current age, a digital multimeter is a must-have tool. It helps test electricity on sensitive automobiles. Some years back, such quality tools were expensive, and not everyone could afford them.

However, this is no more as there are cheap digital multimeters that perform well. One such device is the Innova 3320, which is an auto ranging multimeter. What are the features and specifications of this multimeter?

Read on and find an in-depth review of the Innova 3320 multimeter.

Innova 3320 Digital Multimeter Review (In Detail)

In-Depth Review

Innova 3320, also known as Equus 3320, is an auto ranging digital multimeter. It can test for various ranges like resistance, diode check, amps, milliamps, AC/DC, and millivolts. It also has a continuity buzzer which sounds when there’s current.

One of the things that makes this device the best mid range multimeter is its capability to check the battery’s voltage and state. Also, the color-coded LED screen which enables the user to read the results with ease.

Furthermore, since it works automatically, it will give the user more time to concentrate on the work rather than the settings. But the DC/AC and milliamps ranges have to be selected manually.

Note that this multimeter has a low AC amperage and only has one milliamp range. This means the user has to limit the AC to 200Ma while testing circuits. But a better way of handling this is by checking DC circuits of 10A at intervals of 15 minutes since it’s not fused.

Innova 3320 has one setting for AC and DC voltage resistance function, while the 10megOhm input impendence makes it safe to use a multimeter on automotive. In addition, the three LED lamps at the front of the case will notify the user of the battery level.

The auto shut-off function will help conserve the battery of the Innova 3320, giving it a long life. This helps save time and money as there’s no regular replacement of the batteries. The multimeter automatically shuts off after 15 minutes of no use to preserve the battery.

Innova 3320 is a solid and durable multimeter as it’s made using quality materials. It has a rubber holster that prevents it from damage and two molded holders for the test leads. It also has a kickstand and a wrist wrap which helps the user carry and store it easily.

Build Quality and Design

The Innova 3320 is a portable multimeter as its lightweight and comes with a wristband that helps the user carry it, preventing it from getting lost. Although it’s not as strong as the other substantial multimeters in terms of strength, it can perform various range tests at home or on an automotive-like car.

It has a side-mounted lead holder, a foldable stand for safe placement while at work, and an elastic cord hook. Since the battery has its compartment, the user won’t have challenges replacing them.

Innova 3320 has centrally placed input dials for easy operation and 13 selector stations. Four of the selector stations are for battery testers. But this multimeter doesn’t have buttons, more so for the lock feature.

Display and Labels

One thing that makes this multimeter stand out among the multimeters under 50 is its large screen and clear display. All the labels are well labeled, and it also includes a low battery indicator.

However, the display of Innova 3320 is not backlit, so the user might find it hard to work in poorly lit areas. Another thing that stands out about this multimeter is the perfect color combination on different ranges.

For example, the battery check has a green module contrasted with red for ADCV while the milliamps are blue. Note that the continuity and diode tests are not in the same position.

Innova 3320 Battery Test Functions

This feature is what makes Innova 3320 the best affordable multimeter. It has different checks of 1.5v, 6v, 9v, and 12v, and various LEDs indicating battery status. The green LED color shows its good, yellow; is weak, and red is for change. If the LED of this multimeter fails to light up, it means it’s less than 10%.

Even though most multimeters can test for batteries, Innova 3320 puts the circuit under a 10mA load which shows accurate battery condition.

Remember that putting the batteries under load is important when testing for their status since they can show unreliable readings.

Functions and Performance

Innova 3320 has three jack sockets that include the main terminal, DC 10A, and common. It can save batteries because of the auto power-off feature (it goes off after 15 minutes of no use).

It also has an automatic zero adjustment function for easy use. Innova 3320 can test for milliamps, amps, diode check continuity, resistance, and ac/dc volts.

The resistance input of Innova 3320 makes it safe for use in automotive and domestic electrical problems.

Safety and Protection

The Innova 3320 has a rubber holster that prevents it from being damaged in case it falls. It also has overload protection for lower ranges as it contains a 315mA/250V GMA fuse. But it doesn’t have a fuse for high amperage functions, requiring the user to do such tests in intervals.


  • It has a clear and bigger screen
  • It has a battery life indicator
  • It contains an elastic cord wrist wrap


  • The auto-ranging function is a bit slow
  • It doesn’t have a capacitance range
  • It has a low AC amperage range

Who’s This Multimeter For?

This multimeter best suits DIY enthusiasts in the automotive industry working on motorcycles, boats, or cars. It can also work on different electrical problems at home, like on appliances and wiring.

What’s Included in The Package?

Final Thoughts

Get this cheap multimeter that anyone can use as it’s easy to use and with several range functions. It has a bigger display, can do battery checks, and is an auto-ranging multimeter.

However, it doesn’t have a capacitance function, and it has a low AC amperage range. Professionals who need better features should get other multimeters with different ranges.

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