ALLOSUN EM3082 Auto Range Multimeter

One of the pocket multimeters that are affordable and durable is the Allosun EM3082. It has an excellent case that enables the user to store it and its components with ease.

The EM3082 has easy to use interface, display, and dial selector. The unique features of this device will enable the user to carry out different tests at home or in the office. It can measure DC, AC voltage, resistance, diode tests, and continuity.

This multimeter for under 50 best suits users who are into motorcycle maintenance. What are the features and specifications of this great multimeter?

Read on and find an in-depth review of Allosun EM3082.

ALLOSUN EM3082 Digital Multimeter Review

In-Depth Review

Even though Allosun EM3082 is a basic multimeter, it can do various tests like AC/DC voltage, DC, resistance, diode checks, and continuity. The best thing about this multimeter, especially for a beginner, is its auto-ranging function.

It has each of the ranges evenly spread on specific positions, making it an easy-to-use multimeter. But the diode and continuity ranges are in the same place. Since the EM3082 is a cheap true RMS multimeter, it will show accurate and fast results making the users reliable electricians.

It has a CATII safety rating and a 3 ½ digit LCD with a count of 1999. The inbuilt buzzer sounds when there’s a faulty connection or whenever it detects current. It also has a polarity indicator and holds a function for storing records. The auto power-off feature enables the batteries to last longer.

The insulated batteries are safe to use, while the CATII safety rating ensures the safety of this device and that of the user. In addition, the 3.5-inch LCD makes reading the results easily.

Functions and Performance

The EM3082 multimeter is an auto-ranging multimeter capable of testing for continuity, resistance, diode, and DC/AC voltage and current. It has an inbuilt buzzer that sounds when it detects current. The multimeter also has a polarity indicator and auto power off, which helps save the battery.

In addition, the hold function freezes the data for future use, making it an effective device for fieldwork. The different range dials enable the user to set and use it with ease. Since it’s a true RMS multimeter will give accurate and reliable results.

The low battery indicator will show the user when to replace them. Note that replacing the batteries will not be a big issue as it’s got an easy-to-remove case. But ensure the insulating piece is away before using the multimeter.

Build Quality

The EM3082 is a pocket-size multimeter that’s portable, durable, and easy to store. The Chinese-made device fits in the palm and has a flip-back case that acts as storage and protection. The case also helps the user place it on level ground as a stand, preventing unnecessary falling.

EM3082 has a smooth interface with a display next to the flat dial and leads at the top. But the display is a bit small; it’s not backlit, giving those with eye challenges while working on darker areas. It has a 3 ½ screen resolution and a 1999 count and updates twice after every second.

Protection and Safety

ALLOSUN multimeter is safe to use because it has a CATII safety rating. In addition, it has 200mA fuses preventing the user from any harm. But it’s advisable not to test a socket outlet or circuit breaker directly.

Also, ALLOSUN EM3082 shouldn’t be used on high-energy electrical components because of its category rating.
Also, consider the features of this multimeter you’re about to buy. A basic multimeter should be able to carry out most of the tests.

Check on the specification of the Allosun multimeter to know its capabilities. A multimeter with higher functionalities should have sophisticated specs.


There is both an expensive and cheap Allosun multimeter, with each having its unique features. However, before settling for any of them, check their prices.

If you’re working with a tight budget, go for an affordable meter with better features. But remember to stick within your budget to avoid straining financially.

Understand the Brand

Another essential factor to consider is the brand you’re about to buy. Remember, different sellers have different brands which have their unique features.

Understand how the multimeter by Allosun works so that it performs according to your expectations. Note that the popular brands tend to cost much more than the others with similar features.


  • It has a buzzer that increases the user’s safety
  • It has an auto-power feature allowing the batteries to last longer
  • It has an auto-hold function which keeps records for future use
  • It has an auto-ranging setting


  • It doesn’t give results faster

Who’s This Multimeter For?

This multimeter best suits a DIYer who wants to work on electrical problems around them. Because it’s a basic multimeter that can do standard work, also, an electrician who doesn’t work on high-energy electrical devices can use this multimeter. This means a professional who intends to work on high electric energy shouldn’t use it.

What’s Included in The Package?

Don’t forget to look at the reviews section to know what other users say about the product. More positive reviews show the Allosun multimeter will perform.

However, negative comments should be a warning and make you look for another model that will meet your expectations. Related Article: Best digital multimeter 2023

Final Thoughts

Allosun EM3082 is one of the cheapest multimeters an electrician should invest in. it can test for continuity, diode, resistance, DC/AC voltage, and current.

The auto-ranging digital multimeter has auto-power off, which helps save the battery, while the low battery indicator shows the user when to replace them. It’s safe for use and convenient to carry around because of its size. However, it doesn’t fit high-energy electrical works.

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