Proster VC99 Multimeter Review

Proster VC99 is an affordable multimeter that a professional can use as a spare tool or a DIYer for occasional repairs. It’s an auto-ranging multimeter that can test for all the voltages, currents, temperatures, and transistors. So what are the features and capabilities of this digital multimeter?

Read on and find out more about the proster VC99 multimeter.

Proster VC99 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter Reviews

In-Depth Review

Proster VC99 is a digital multimeter with various ranges. It can test for resistance, frequency, AC/DC voltage, current, and also temperature. It has an LCD screen with a 3 ¾ display, 3999 counts, and updates three times every second. It’s an auto-range meter but allows the user to use a manual range for better results.

Its size makes it the best small multimeter that’s easy to store and carry around. It has a rubber sleeve that acts as a protector. The stand enables the user to use this multimeter without the support or control of the hands.

Another good thing about this multimeter is its low battery indicator which helps the user know when to replace them. Proster VC99 also has auto-power off, which helps save the battery and reduce expenses.

The overload protection on all the ranges makes this device a safe-to-use multimeter. In addition, the hold function helps the electrician freeze data for future use. Doing this reduces the workload while in the field as there’s no need for recording the results.

Proster VC99 Multimeter Quality

Proster VC99 is an excellent multimeter that’s way cheaper than similar devices of the same size.

In addition, it has a stand that enables hands-free operation. The stand is strong to withstand the multimeter’s weight, while the outer surface consists of rubber, which lasts longer.

Proster VC99 Performance and Function

What makes proster VC99 different from the rest of the cheap multimeters is the big screen which enables the user to see clear and distinct digits. It also has a better resolution of 3999 counts on a 3 ¾ display.

The low battery indicator makes this multimeter effective as it reminds the user when to recharge them. What makes the proster VC99 the best multimeter for fieldwork is the hold function. It freezes data and enables the user to compare the records later for accuracy.

Even though this multimeter doesn’t have a backlit screen, the LCD gives precise readings. The auto-ranging feature provides the user with an easy time as they only concentrate on the job and not settings.

In addition, it has two temperature measuring modes; this means you can measure the temperature of the surrounding environment directly or use a probe to measure the temperature of the liquid.

The auto power-off helps preserve the batteries of this multimeter. This function helps in saving money and also reduces the inconveniences of working with a low-power battery.

The warning alarms help know when there are faulty connections. The proster VC99 is ideal for use in labs, radio technology, and factories.

Protection and Safety

Proster VC99 has overload protection which makes it safe to use a multimeter. In addition, the protective rubber sleeve further ensures the dangers while working on electrical connections reduces.

Proster VC99 Multimeter Manual

Here you can find Proster VC99 Manual Guide


  • It has a bigger screen that shows precise readings
  • It can do most of the range of tests
  • It has two temperature measuring modes


  • It has no backlit display
  • The continuity test is very slow
  • It’s got a slow auto range on capacitance

What’s Included in The Package?

  • 1

Who’s This Multimeter For?

This multimeter best suits a DIYer who wants to solve electrical connections around the home.

Its also suitable for an electrician who works in the lab, factory, or radio technology industry and wants to solve different electrical issues. This is because it can test most ranges and also includes a temperature probe.

What To Consider before purchasing Digital Multimeter

Since proster VC99 is a cheap multimeter, it shouldn’t be a reason not to check its capabilities with keenness. There are things to consider before buying any multimeter to realize value for your money. They include;

The Specification of the Multimeter

It’s advisable to check on its specifications to know the performance of any multimeter. A good multimeter should be capable of testing for DC, voltage, resistance, and AC. It’s advisable to choose a meter with a higher primary voltage than the one for operating the electrical device.

Also, avoid using a multimeter on a higher current it can’t withstand since this can lead to severe hazards. Finally, don’t forget to look if the digital multimeter is a true RMS to get accurate results.

The Resolution of the Multimeter

Another thing to put in mind before buying a multimeter is its resolution. Resolution in this context means the number of digits in which the signal strength can be measured.

A higher resolution multimeter might be challenging to use as it shows after a while, making the user take more time observing the rightmost value.

Temperature Measurement

It’s also wise having a digital multimeter that’s capable of monitoring temperature, especially if you do that frequently. Get a multimeter with a dual differential temperature function which enables the user to test for two temperatures ago.


Get an accurate multimeter that will improve your credibility as an electrician. A precise device also makes your work easier and reduces the error limit in the readings.

Frequency Measurement

Some digital multimeters can measure frequency and also monitor current and voltage in the frequency range. But if the multimeter has a steady AC voltage, let it maintain the correct frequency.

Final Thoughts

All electricians wish to have a reliable multimeter that will help them solve different electrical problems. However, it’s not a must to buy expensive meters while cheaper devices have similar capabilities. So get proster VC99 and test for capacitance, resistance, duty cycle temperature, transistor, and diode check.

What makes this multimeter stand out from the rest is its size and the big-screen display. It also supports hands-free operation giving the user an easy time while at work.

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