Fluke 15b Digital Multimeter Review

If you’re an engineering student, the best fluke multimeter to go for is the 15b+ fluke multimeter for electricians. This digital multimeter is not only cheap but also has the odd combination that will make your work enjoyable.

Although this multimeter is mainly made for China users, you can find it in other places at a snip of the prices of others from U.S. firms. It’s also a beautiful device that works best and is a replacer of Fluke 17b+.

Fluke 15b Digital Multimeter In Depth Review

Product Overview

Fluke 15b+ is one of the cheapest devices you can consider if you’re looking for an inexpensive but performing tool. It performs better than fluke 17b as it gives a quick reading on continuity and auto-ranging.

It also has a bigger and brighter screen that won’t make you strain your eyes while at work. This device also has a good range of capacitance, not like the device it’s replacing.

It’s also a heavy-duty, lightweight device that allows you to handle it with one hand. This multimeter will not disappoint you in terms of performance as it does deliver just like expensive devices, although it’s cheap.

You can buy it for domestic or commercial work as it may not perform better for high-level professional installation or repairs.

The best thing about this multimeter, apart from its low price, is that it’s bigger and better than the compact 110 series.

Also, since this is an auto-ranging multimeter, you’ll not have challenges reading amps, milliamps, A.C., and DC voltage on different positions. You can also use it to test resistance, diode check, and continuity.

Function And Performance

Fluke 15b will not disappoint you in terms of performance as it shows readings faster. It’s calibrated to standard and is within the specifications.

In addition, it has an auto power-off, which switches off after 20 minutes of no use. This multimeter will help you save battery and make it serve you longer.

Fluke 15b uses A.A. batteries, which can last up to 500 hours, depending on the frequency of use.

The Build Quality of Fluke 15b+

This multimeter has an I.P. rating of 40, and it’s a bit bigger than the other flukes as it’s more than 7 inches. It’s an easy-to-use device that allows you to operate it with one hand but with gloves on. The dark grey tough case makes this device a solid and durable multimeter.

The yellow holster protects the multimeter from damage and makes it safe for use. The leads of this device are shrouded, and the batteries are in a place you can easily access.

It has a more significant and bright screen that doesn’t make you strain while reading or working in dark lit areas. The digits of this multimeter are also substantial, with a resolution of 4000 counts and a regular update after 3 seconds.

The good thing about this multimeter is that backlight can stay on for about two minutes. However, you can disable this feature to average time as other multimeters.


If you buy this multimeter, you’ll be safe while at work because the current inputs have fast-blow fuses for protection. This entails 11A for high current input and 440mA for milliamp input.

This multimeter also has a safety rating of CAT-III, allowing you to use it behind the switchgear of low source voltage. This multimeter will enable you to use the multimeter on a supply voltage of motors, light switches, batteries, and computer power supply.


  • It has a backlit screen enabling you to work in a darker area
  • It has a bigger display
  • It’s simple and easy to use
  • It can hold data for later use
  • It’s safe and allows single-hand use


  • It has instructions in Chinese
  • It doesn’t have a max/min
  • It contains a CAT III ceiling

Who’s this multimeter for?

This multimeter best suits engineering students as it’s cheap and easy to use. However, it’s also suitable for an electrician who wants an easy-to-use multimeter that’s lightweight and gives quick readings.

Final Thoughts

If you want a cheap multimeter that will give you accurate and fast reading, consider fluke 15b. With it, you can work on electrical light switches, computer power supplies, or batteries.

The best thing about this multimeter is that it is safe to use, and has a large display screen that won’t make you strain your eyes while at work. Its battery will also serve you better as it has an auto power-off, which acts as a power saver. Related Article: Best multimeter

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