Fluke 17B+ Digital Multimeter Review

As an electrician, you need a reliable multimeter and one that can give accurate readings. One such device that won’t disappoint you is the Fluke 17b+.

It will help you measure frequency, temperature, and duty cycle. It’s an easy-to-use meter with a compact size that’s a better version of fluke 17b. The improvements will enable you to get fast results, min/max function, and a big capacitance scale.

Fluke 17B+ Digital Multimeter Review In Detail

Product Review

If you want a multimeter that will help you measure temperature on an electrical connection, the best device to go for is fluke 17b+. First, it will help you determine if the wire is dangerous to use, and suitable for your safety. Second, it can help you find AC/DC measurements of up to 10A current.

Fluke 17b+ has min/max functions that will help you get highs and lows within a given signal. This device will enable you to identify where the problem is and fix it within no time. You can also use it to monitor wire signals increasing your credibility as an electrician.


Fluke 17b+ is also accurate and reliable, which will give you an easy time working on electrical connections. It has a thermocouple that will help you measure the temperature of the wire. Its weight and size make it a compact device that won’t give you challenges carrying it around while at work.

It also has hold features that keep records for future reference and also make the device stand out. For example, you can get the previous insulation tests in the memory of this meter, proving how effective it is.

Fluke 17b+ will also help you save time as you’ll not have to write down the readings for reference. It’s also an affordable device that will help you with general electrical problems at home or in the electric industry.

Quality of Fluke 17b+

Fluke 17b+ multimeter is made of quality materials according to fluke standards. It’s solid and durable, meaning it can serve you for longer. It’s also lightweight allowing you to handle it single-handedly.

You can also wear it with gloves for effectiveness. It has a big screen display and a leg stand which will help you keep it safe while not in use.

In addition, this multimeter will prevent its chances of getting damaged and give you an easy time storing it.

Displays and Labels

You’ll love working with this meter as it’s got a clear LCD backlit screen that won’t make you strain your eyes while reading.

In addition, it has an improved sleep mode that will help you save the battery. It also has a battery compartment that will allow you to change them with ease and prevent interfering with the seal calibration.

Functions and Performance

Fluke 17b+ multimeter is a high-performing device that will give you fast readings. It has an IP40 rating, making it a safe device that protects you from harm while at work. It can display 4000 counts every three seconds and allows you to control it with one hand as it’s lightweight.

You can use Fluke 17b+ meter to test for multiple ranges without any hitch. It can measure up to 1000V, which is unlike its competitors’ devices. The LCD backlit will enable you to work in dark areas and read the results without a struggle.


Fluke 17b+ multimeter has a CATV 600v rating making it safe to use the device. It also has IEC 1010 safety standards. It means that the device you’re using is safe from electric surges.

In addition, you can use the hanging kit to keep the device safe by hanging it somewhere someone can’t damage it.


  • It has auto and manual ranging
  • Its lightweight making it portable
  • It’s strong and durable
  • It’s easy to use
  • It can measure the temperature
  • It has a backlit LCD screen for use in dark areas


  • It can take time to show the readings
  • The warranty is only valid for those in China

Who Is This Multimeter For?

This device is best for a DIYer who wants a meter for home use. However, because it’s safe and gives accurate readings, it’s also suitable for an electrician who wants to ensure the wire signals are well monitored. Click here for the User manual

Final Thoughts

Having a fluke 17b+ for home use will help you solve simple electrical problems at home without spending money. Because you’ll do the work, a technician could have charged you. It’s accurate and easy to use, so a beginner won’t have difficulties using it.

If you’re unsure which device to buy between 17b+ and 18b+, here’s a guide to help you. Fluke 18b+ has better features than 17b+. That means you’ll get more desired results with this device, unlike with 17b+. However, if you can afford expensive versions like fluke 117 to get the best alternative, go for it.

It’s also suitable for measuring temperature as it’s got a thermocouple. But if you want more features, it’s advisable to go for the expensive models which will meet your requirements.

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