Fluke 77-IV Multimeter Review

The best multimeter for automotive is the fluke 77-IV which is amongst the 70 series. It’s affordable and best for an electrician or auto engineer. With this device, you can test for capacitance, frequency, amps, milliamps, and resistance. So what are the features of this device?

Read on and find an in-depth review of fluke 77-IV.

Fluke 77-IV Multimeter In Depth Review

Product Overview

Fluke 77 IV is a better version of the previous 117-meter series. It has more functions; it’s speedy and accurate. It’s also strong and durable as it’s made of quality materials.

You can use this device to check AC, DC, and DC MILLIVOLTS as the voltage ranges. The amps and milliamps have their fuse, continuity, and resistance and also have different range positions. Since this multimeter has capacitance, you can use it on electronics without experiencing any challenges.


This device has a safety rating of CATII @1000V and CATIII @600V. The current ranges of this device are protected by 1000V HRC fuses, ensuring you’re safe while at work. It also has solid input protection current shunt, and power resistors.


This device allows you to measure the voltage of up to 1000V in AC and DC ranges. It’s got a CATIII safety rating of 1000v, making it safe for use. But it also allows you to test for service runs as it’s got a CATIV safety rating and use it on the field or bench.

You can measure the current of up to 10A continuously and get a high accuracy level. This device also has auto-ranging features, which give fast and accurate results.

The auto-hold feature enables this device to lock data, allowing you to view the data later automatically. The max/min mode will give you an easy time while capturing the values of a fluctuating signal.

Design And Quality

This multimeter from fluke maintains the high standards set by fluke as it’s strong and durable. The manufacturer uses quality materials to make it look good and easy to handle. It has an ergonomic over-molded body which prevents it from getting damaged. The design also makes it easy to carry while at work.

It also has integrated probe lead holders on the edge and a tilting bail for measuring on the bench. This multimeter also has a strong mechanical body and input protection that protects you from harm while at work.

Function And Performance

If you buy this meter, you’ll get fast results with all the functional features. It will last longer and give you accurate readings. It has a larger display that enables you to read the results without any challenge, while the backlit is for making your work easier in darker areas.

The auto and manual ranging enable you to get desired results in no time. This device’s battery can serve you for around 400 hours. But you can save the batteries using the auto power-off features and sleep mode making this device serve you longer.

It has a 1000V measurement range, 10 amps continuous, and 20A for 30 seconds. You can hang it after work using the TPAK magnetic hanger. This prevents it from damage, especially after use. It allows you to be multifunction for bench repair and field services.

It has a hold button that freezes the display and can also show you the next stable input automatically. You can use the select button to change the input range while the min/max records low/high values on a changing signal.


The best thing about this multimeter is that it has a few buttons and range positions that will not give you a hard time operating it. It has a clear label dial with each selector not performing more than two functions. You’ll also not have challenges reading input jacks.

The large display has 6000 counts, and the bar graph updates 32 times per second while the digits change four times after every second. This enables you to get an accurate reading in analog form.


  • It’s reliable and gives accurate readings
  • It’s made of quality materials, making it strong and reliable
  • It has separate voltage ranges
  • It is easy to use and gives a fast reading


  • It doesn’t have micro-amps
  • It doesn’t have a case or hanger
  • It doesn’t have a separate compartment for fuse

Who’s This Device For?

This fluke 77-IV is best for an automotive engineer or electrical technician who wants an accurate, reliable, easy-to-use device. It’s also best for a person who wants a True RMS digital meter with an easy-to-read display screen. The LED display also makes it the best for working in dark areas without straining.

Customer’s Review

Here are some of the reviews by verified customers who have different opinions about the product.

A thrifty Shopper from the USA says,

“Handy tool to have for any electrical troubleshooting job. From household projects to automotive to industrial, this unit works for most jobs. Has a handful of accessories that make it even more useful. I use it to work on ag equipment, electrical moors, house wiring projects, and auto electrical troubleshooting”

Another user BenniShogun, says,

“During my time in the military, I used the fluke 77 meters, and it was always reliable and accurate. I purchased one for myself now that I work as a maintenance technician, and it is still reliable and accurate. I wouldn’t trade it for any other DMM”

Nick P from the US says,

“Recently got back into electronics and electrical work. Used an earlier version of this in the marines while working on the V22. Have used lesser multimeters and always pine for that beautiful yellow instrument. Convinced my workplace to buy one for us; then I caved and bought my own, just for the joy and security of owning my own. There are extremely few brands that I am loyal to, but fluke is certainly one of them”

Final Thoughts

Get this multimeter for automotive and troubleshoot different electrical problems within your home or office. It’s strong, reliable, and safe to use although they’re not cheap. You can use it to test for resistance, continuity, or milliamps.

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