Fluke 87V Digital Multimeter Review

If you’ve been experiencing challenges in choosing a multimeter for different electrical problems, here’s a guide to help you out. First, we’ll look at one of the best true RMS industrial multimeters, giving you a clue of what to look for in a meter.

This reliable and accurate meter will give you an easy time reconnecting complex electrical connections, signals, and currents of up to 20A. It’s also the top model amongst the 80 series that’s strong and good for the pros.

Fluke 87V Digital Multimeter Review In Detail

Product Overview

The best 80 series that will help you troubleshoot electronic systems in an industry is fluke 87V. It’s a True RMS meter meaning it will give you accurate and reliable readings.

In addition, it has a low pass filter which enables it to measure AC voltage and current signals that are non-linear. Although this multimeter is popular for industrial use, it can also work in lab-based electronics and automotive repairs.

It can test for microamps and nano Farad capacitance ranges and conductance. This device has an auto touch hold function that enables it to capture accurate readings without pressing any button.

The min/max modes will enable you to get stable readings suitable for preserving fluctuating signals. You’ll not spend much time waiting for the results as this is a fast meter.

It’s also an auto-range meter with range buttons capable of converting manual ranging within no time. This device has a latching beeper that will notify you if there are faulty connections, although it can be disabled.

This device has different AC and DC voltage ranges. It also uses a 9V battery with a low current draw and will serve you for a long time.

Design and Quality

This multimeter is built according to fluke’s standards which proves how strong and long-lasting it is. It also undergoes various standard approval by agencies like UL, TUV, CSA, and VDE.

The body consists of rugged plastic, which can withstand the industrial setting. It’s got a strong case that protects it from damage if it falls.

The holster also will protect your meter from damage making it last longer. It’s got a raised case and recessed dial that covers both the screen and selector. The buttons are well spaced while the selector dial is uncluttered, and the jacks’ inputs are also protected.

Additionally, this device is shock-resistant and compact to enable it to withstand a harsh work environment.

Displays and Labels

The display of this meter is big so that you won’t strain reading the results on the screen. It also shows clear digits and has an excellent nice bar.

In addition, it has a dual display with a 6000 count, which updates 4 seconds every second, and a 20,000 count, which updates three times a second. This multimeter has a clear resolution that shows a precise reading.

It has a backlit screen and a dual brightness function, allowing you to work in darker areas with ease. All these features are easy to use, which won’t give you challenges while at work.


If you have this device, you’ll be safe working on different electrical connections as it’s got audible warnings that sound like you’re doing the wrong thing. It’s also in the CATIII 1000V safety rating and CAT IV safety rating, which shows how safe it is to use in the industry.

Function and Performance

Fluke 87-V will help you measure resistance, current, and capacitance. It has an eight-position dial selector and seven buttons which allows you to make better settings and measurements.

You can select the ranges using the dial, while the micro/milli-amp ranges you’ll control through the select button to change it over to DC. Its diode tester is 3 volts, and the low impendence AC voltage mode also uses this method.

This RMS meter will give you fast readings on most tests except for continuity detection. Its battery will serve you longer as it’s got auto-save mode. The auto power-off feature will save you from spending extra money buying another set of batteries and also prevents it from being unresponsive.

It has both auto and manual ranging, which will help you get the desired results. The auto-range makes this meter the best for beginners, while the manual best suits experts.

The built-in thermometer will help you measure the temperature. This makes it also the best RMS meter for an HVAC system. If you want to test the temperature of an object or liquid, disconnect the thermocouple before doing so. Related Article: Best digital multimeters

The auto-hold feature will enable you to access the readings as they’ll be on the screen. This multimeter will reduce your workload and you’ll not write the results on paper in the field. The records will also act as a future reference for the test you conduct.

Who Is This Device For?

Although anyone can use this device, it’s best for HVAC engineers, technicians, automotive trainees, or installation electricians for industrial use.

This is because it’s a heavy-duty device that’s accurate and has better features that will make your work easier. This means it’s best for professionals who want to solve electrical problems faster. Click here for the User Guide


  • It’s accurate and stable
  • It’s reliable and durable
  • It can store the readings for some time
  • It has a dual resolution screen
  • It gives fast and responsive readings


  • It’s a bit heavy
  • It’s expensive
  • It has no separate fuse compartment
  • The battery doesn’t have strong terminals

Final Thoughts

Although this multimeter is expensive, it will give you value for your money as it is durable and will serve you longer. It also offers accurate and reliable reading and can work on other electrical problems apart from industrial use.

It has a backlit screen and buttons, which will enable you to work in darker areas without any challenges. This fast, safe, and precise device will give you an easy time while at work, making it the best model in the 80 series.

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