Triplett 1101b Compact Digital Multimeter Review

You must have heard of a digital multimeter, No? Unlike single-task meters, a digital multimeter can measure multiple electric values, including current, voltage, and resistance, with accuracy.

So, what makes the Triplett 1101b stand out as one of the best professional HVAC multimeter. Is it the design? Or is it the display with the backlight that ranks it among the best?

We bet you agree that the best multimeter should have a build that will last. However, it would also help you because it is designed with multipurpose capabilities in mind.

Triplett multimeter has several measurement options that make it suitable for almost all your electrical tasks. That multipurpose is what makes it an excellent choice for an electrician.

Triplett 1101b Digital Multimeter Review In Detail

Product Overview

This model of the Triplett offers the best display conditions in low light conditions. It comes with a rubber boot that has shock-absorbing capabilities to ensure safety while handling the device.

Furthermore, you can use the thermocouple to test temperature, making the need for a thermometer irrelevant. The readings remain on the screen with the data hold option for as long as you press the hold button. This makes it easier to record accurate information.

If there is a voltage overload, the shock absorbers play a role in keeping you safe from any electric shock. In addition, the stand offers comfort while handling the device since it has a case that cushions the device from being damaged in the event it falls.

For HVAC specialists, having a multimeter that is compact and durable is essential is priceless. Triplett 1101b multimeter can test temperature, current, and voltage, among others.

It has a scope of 19 measurement options, a self-illuminating display, a low battery indicator, a shock-absorbing case, a built-in stand, and an auto power-off feature.

Self-illuminating Display

You will love the convenience that the backlight offers you when you are in the dark. The self-illuminating backlight is also a plus when the sun is too bright and you cannot see the readings. Not only does the display have a backlight, but it is also large enough for you to see the results.

Boot and Case

When you buy this multimeter, you also get a rubber boot that ensures it survives the impact of a fall. The boot is made with rubber to increase friction hence reducing resistance. This cushions for damage in the event the multimeter falls from a considerably average height. The case, on the other hand, makes it easier to transport it from place to place.


The Triplett multimeter will also impress you with its safety features. Not only does it have an impressive safety rating, but it also comes with overload protection on all ranges.

Ease of Use

Triplett comes with a stand that makes it easier to use. The stands also absorb shock to provide for safety and comfort while the device is in use. The stand also ensures you can use it in hands-free mode.

Automatic Shutoff

The battery can last for a long time since the milliammeter is automated to go off when not used. That enhances the battery life of the multimeter since you won’t have to worry about switching it off all the time.


It can accommodate up to 19 measurement options, including voltage, resistance, current, and much more. It can also quantify an equivalent of 600v and 10A current.

Data Hold

The typical multimeter screen goes off whenever you aren’t using it. However, you don’t have to go through that with this multimeter since it has the data hold feature. You can lock the value on the screen by pressing the data to hold the key. When in action, it shows the latest value on the screen.

Who Is an Ideal User of The Product?

Triplett has a simple design that makes it easy for most people to use it. Not only is it suitable for HVAC specialists, but it can also be excellent for beginners. It has simple features that won’t give you too much trouble navigating.


  • Versatile and Multipurpose
  • Easy to use and Safe
  • It can be used in a hands-free mode
  • Excellent display


  • There might be an issue of accuracy in the temperature readings.
  • It has large clips that will make it hard to grip devices that have tiny cables

Do others Recommend it?

On Amazon, it has a rating of 4 out of 5. That should be a reason enough to put this into consideration when looking for a simple, compact, and durable digital multimeter.

That’s because most users see it as a reliable instrument that gives reasonably accurate results. Most of the negative reviews stem from the shipping issues with Amazon. You, therefore, can’t put a foot wrong trying it out.

Final Thoughts

The Triplett 1101 stands out when it comes to professional HVAC applications. It has affordable and comes with an easy-to-use interface. That should make it further endear itself to you.

While specific issues might arise when using it, there is no way the bad will outweigh the good. That is what makes it a good option for HVAC professionals or amateurs.

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