Fluke 114 Multimeter Review

Fluke 114 is a compact multimeter that can help you do basic troubleshooting. You can operate this multimeter with one hand making it ideal for beginners. With Fluke 114 multimeter, you as a technician will get accurate and reliable results.

Do read on and understand more about the specifications, and features of this multimeter. We’re also going to give you an in-depth review of this product so that when choosing the kind of multimeters to use, you’ll have an easy time.

Fluke 114 Multimeter Detailed Review

Product Overview

Although fluke 114 is just an ideal fluke multimeter, it can perform better, just like the other types. With it, you can determine voltage, continuity, and resistance without using electronics-friendly ranges like diode checker and capacitance.

You can use automatic or manual ranging to get the range you’d like to. This will give you a quick measuring response, and it’s best for manual ranging meters.

It has a large white LED backlight, which will help you while working in darker areas. You’ll get reliable and accurate readings because of ghost voltage. This fluke multimeter is the best for use for go/no-go testing.

Because of the autovolt feature, this fluke multimeter will switch automatically to measure whether AC and DC voltage is there.

The LoZ feature will help you determine whether there is ghost voltage and reduce the chances of getting false readings. This multimeter allows you to easily open the battery access door, which will not give challenges while changing the batteries.

Quality of the Multimeter

The 114-fluke multimeter is a strong and durable device that will help you get value for your money. The central dial switch is also sturdy and has a protective holster, and at the edge lies a tilting bail.

You can reach the battery with ease as it’s in a separate section below the panel and has strong terminals fitted directly to the circuit board.

Since this device is designed for a one-hand operation, it means it’s made of quality materials to make it withstand any condition.


  • Brand: fluke
  • Weight:10.6 ounces
  • Dimension:10.7 by 6.3 by 3.7 inches
  • Batteries:4 AA

The Displays and labels of Fluke 114

Fluke 114 has a larger display because it’s a compact meter, which gives you an easy time reading the screen. It has 6000 counts, which refresh four times every second.

It also has a 33-segment bar graph, which updates faster and represents the signal in analog form. Although this display has a backlight, it doesn’t perform as the other expensive flukes. You’ll also have challenges reading it from an angle.

The Performance and Functionality

This multimeter performs better and has a fast continuity checker with a good manual range. The fluke 114 battery can serve you for about 400 hours if not using a backlight.

This device is also capable of saving the battery as it goes off automatically when not in use. This device has no amperage but has two inputs that don’t require you to remove the leads to test any range.


The best thing about these 114 flukes is that their manufacturers use quality materials. The casing is tough, and the holster consists of thick rubber that protects it from drops and is also easy to store.

It also has good input protection and the right power resistors and MOVs. The device has an overprotection 6000v making it have a CATIII ranking and proving how safe it is.


    • It’s easy to use and operate as you handle it with one hand.
    • It’s strong and durable
    • It has ranges with dedicated positions
    • It has both auto and manual, ranging
    • It gives an accurate reading
    • It has auto-volt and low impendence mode


  • Its display is not that clear
  • It doesn’t have amps or milliamps
  • It has no diode check
  • It has no frequency or capacitance

Key Features

  • It measures millivolts
  • It has an uncluttered interface
  • It has both auto and manual, ranging
  • The safety rating of this device is CATIII @600V
  • It has a big display screen with a backlight
  • It includes an autoVolt voltage selection
  • It comprises of min/max mode to record the changing values

Who is this Multimeter for?

Fluke 114 compact multimeter is ideal for a beginner as it’s easy to operate and use. It’s also operated by one hand, which a beginner can do with ease.

It’s a good choice for a technician who wants to use it to check on the voltage or resistance of various electrical wiring on buildings, airplanes, or chips. Related Articles: Multimeter buyer’s guide

User Reviews

Going by the positive reviews about Fluke 114 means it’ll help you achieve your goals. This means fluke 114 will give you value for your money, which is every buyer’s wish.

This section will look at what verified users of this device have to say after having a first-hand experience with it.

  • Redwood, a user from the USA, says,

“I had this fluke 114 multimeters for over 11/2 years, and it has become my most used multimeter (even though it’s also my least expensive multimeter); this multimeter has all the functions needed to troubleshoot electrical wiring problems on buildings, ships and airplane and has the important auto-V LoZ function that many higher-priced fluke multifunction multimeters lack”

  • Another verified user from the USA called Wes says,

“Such an awesome solid meter. I got it for nice basic and accurate voltage readings without worrying about connecting the leads the wrong way, especially if I let someone borrow it. I use it for hooking up trailer brake lights, testing them and making sure power is off when doing electrical work around the house; that’s when hooking up the test leads properly are extremely important”

Final thought

If you’re looking for a compact multimeter for basic use, consider fluke 114. This is because it gives accurate and reliable results. It also has auto voltage selection and can perform auto and manual ranging, giving you the desired results. The best thing about it is that it’s easy to use and can work in darker areas as it’s got a LED-backlit display.

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