Fluke 116 323 Multimeter Review

If you have an HVAC system, you’ll need a special multimeter that can give the required results. The right device you’ll need in this case is a fluke multimeter which can measure the system’s temperature.

The fluke multimeter will help you as a technician to check the temperature of pipes, boilers, or heating and air conditioning while installing/ repairing the system.

Fluke 116 323 Multimeter Detailed Review

Product Overview

If you’re looking for the best fluke multimeter for HVAC, you should consider fluke 116/323. This is because it has great features that will help you diagnose and maintain your HVAC system.

This multimeter will help determine the temperature, continuity, resistance, frequency, and electricity in boilers, heating, and air conditioning or pipes.

Since this device comes as a combo kit, it is the best choice for those new in the business who need a full set at an affordable price but with quality equipment. The device will also last longer, as the manufacturers ensure they give you high-standard products.

Fluke 116/323 has an inbuilt thermometer and thermocouple, which allows you to check the temperature of the pipes, boilers, and air conditioning before installing or repairing them. It also has microamps, ohms, and volts that help you check for flames in the system.

You’ll also not get a false reading because of ghost voltage as the device has low input impedance. It’s an easy-to-use device as you get to operate it with one hand.

You’ll not have challenges storing this multimeter as it’s got a magnetic hanger and case, which ensures it stays in place. It’s also safe for use as it’s made of reinforced plastic which prevents you from harm while at work, and also it has a safety rating of CATIII 600V.

Measurement and Resistance

The 323 flukes help to measure the current in your electric system of about 400 A AC, but they can also enable you to measure DC and 600 VAC voltages.

The 323 flukes can also measure accurate, true RMS AC voltage on nonlinear signals. The best thing about this kit is that it will enable you to get a resistance measurement of about 40 and detect the continuity in the system.

Fluke 116/323 Quality

The fluke 116/323 is comprised of quality materials which makes it last longer. It’s also strong and with an ergonomic design which ensures you work with ease.

The manufacturers of this device also use high-standard materials, ensuring you get value for your money. The reinforced plastic will enable your multimeter to serve you for a long without breaking.


This tool comprises reinforced plastic which ensures you’re safe while checking the electricity in the HVAC as it’s a poor conductor of heat.

It is also waterproof, making the multimeter safe when it comes into contact with water. Fluke 116/323 fuse is as we built and can protect you if something goes wrong.

Displays and Labels

The fluke 116/323 multimeter has a big-screen display that enables you to read the amps, volts, or temperature efficiently.

The display screen of this device is digital, meaning it will show you the results faster without delays. The LED backlight enables you to work in dark-lit areas without straining.

Performance and Functionality

This multimeter’s performance is a reason every technician should buy it. This is because it allows you to check the temperature, volts, and ohms and monitor the refrigerant lines and compressors. So, you’ll not have to buy a thermometer or thermocouple when you’ve got it.

It also shows the results faster, making your work easy while on site. When using this device, you’re sure of accurate and reliable results that improve your performance as a technician and attract more clients.

Fluke 116/323 is best for a beginner technician who wants to save costs as it includes both a thermometer and thermocouple. It’s also for a technician who wants quick results from a safe device that’s strong and durable.


When you buy a fluke 116, you’re not only safe but also, it’ll last as it comes with a casing that protects it while you’re on the move.

The sling helps you protect the multimeter from damage while working. The kit also has a magnetic hanging strap that protects it further while at work. Related Article: Digital multimeter review


  • It’s safe and easy to use
  • The kit contains everything you can need to work on an HVAC system, like a thermometer.
  • It is calibrated and comes when ready to use
  • It’s strong and durable


  • It’s expensive
  • It’s not the best multimeter for professionals
  • It may at times fail to give accurate readings

What You Should Consider When Buying Fluke 116 323

Before buying a fluke multimeter for HVAC, it’s advisable to check if it’s analog or digital. The analog is the original device that isn’t easy to use, like the digitals, giving quick, accurate readings. This 116/323 is a digital multimeter so it will do that.

Also, check on the temperature probe, which helps you determine whether it’s working or not. The temperature probes in these devices take readings from inside the ductwork or refrigerant lines.

Some have thermocouple sensors that help you determine whether the system needs repairs. Accuracy should also be your concern as you want to correct all the faults and give you credibility at your workplace.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get accurate and reliable results from your multimeter, consider fluke 116/323. It’s easy to use and will help you troubleshoot any problem in your HVAC system within no time. With this device, you’ll not have problems storing it as it’s got a case with a shoulder strap and magnetic meter hanging strap, which help you carry it while at work with ease.

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