Fluke 116 Multimeter Review

A multimeter is an instrument that tests electrical properties in a circuit, conductor, or electrical appliance. There are many brands of multimeters, but the most famous must be the Fluke multimeter.

The fluke multimeter can test many different electrical properties, including HVAC. HVAC is an acronym for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The Fluke 116 is one of the best when it comes to such testing.

Fluke 116 Digital Multimeter Review

The Fluke 116 is a safe multimeter ideal for use by HVAC professionals. It can test a wide range of HVAC properties with high accuracy and precision.

In addition, it is safe to use on low-voltage appliances. The safety rating of CAT III 600V means you can safely use CAT III environments but not CAT IV environments. Unfortunately, that also means you can’t use it for appliances with voltages over 220V. These scales are usually more accurate than regular scales because they get rid of ghost voltages and readings.

The Portability

The fluke 116 HVAC meter is a compact and portable instrument you can easily stash in your backpack or back pocket. A holster and a magnetic hanger make it easier to store to boost the ease of use further. The holster comes in handy for an amateur electrician as they can work with the multimeter strapped on their shoulders.

The Display

This multimeter’s display will impress you. Not only is it large enough, but it also has a backlight that ensures you can use it even in the dark. The backlight will also come in handy whenever the sun’s rays make it hard to see the readings.

Versatility and Accuracy

You can also use this multimeter to test the HVAC relay, frequency, and temperature as well. It comes with a temperature probe that enables it to test temperatures up to 4000 Celsius. Another test this multimeter can do is to test flame sensors thanks to microamps.

The fluke multimeter 116 is also quite accurate. That’s in large part, thanks to the low input impedance that cuts down on false readings. That means you get results that are as accurate as possible. Again, the Accuracy is down to the multimeter having the true RMS scale.

Simple Design and Ease of use

When looking for any instrument, ease of use should be one of the first things to check. This multimeter doesn’t fail in that regard, thanks to its simple design.

This multimeter is also relatively easy to use due to its ergonomic design. The ergonomic design makes it possible to operate the multimeter with one hand. The simple and ergonomic design also weighs in when it comes to portability. Related Article: Best multimeter reviews 2023

There are times you won’t be working in one area and, as such, will need to move with your multimeter. It wouldn’t help matters if you had a bulky multimeter that complicates things whenever you want to travel with it.


You are also sure of owning this multimeter for longer, thanks to the rugged construction. It is a formidable instrument that should be able to withstand the vagaries of harsh work environments.

Fluke multimeters are known for their ruggedness. This multimeter doesn’t disappoint in that regard. Although it has plastic parts, they are parts that won’t sustain damage from simple drops.

Who Is It Best For?

Apart from this instrument being a good fit for HVAC pros, it is a decent option for beginners. The simple design, the large display, and the rugged build ensure you won’t have a problem testing for the different properties. However, it might prove too hard to grasp for a person entirely new to multimeters.

What we Didn’t Like

For all its accuracy and precision, this multimeter can be problematic reading with the sun overhead. The contrast is usually too much, making it too hard to do readings.

The temperature test, on the other hand, tends to be wildly unreliable at times. As a result, the thermocouple might not capture the reliable results you want it to.


  • Safe and Affordable
  • Versatile with Excellent Display
  • Precise and Accurate
  • Easy to use


  • It might not give you accurate temperature results at times
  • The contrast can be an issue when you shift the angles of view

How easy is it to use?

The 116 Fluke is easy to use for experienced professionals. A beginner might have trouble with some of the advanced features, though.

Is it a safe multimeter?

It is a relatively safe multimeter, as the CAT III 600 V rating should say.

Can it work in demanding work environments?

Yes, you can. It is quite rugged and shouldn’t have much trouble working in harsh work environments.

Do other Users Recommend It?

The fluke multimeter 116 has a 4.8 out of 5 from over three hundred reviews on Amazon. That should tell you all you need to know regarding what other users have said. Although it has a few downsides, most users found it reliable and accurate and thus expressed their satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

Fluke makes relatively popular multimeters. The 116 is the latest in a long line of multimeters that people love. Save for the few features that might confuse a beginner, using is pretty straightforward.

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