Fluke 101 Multimeter Review

Although most people prefer hiring electricians for repairs and fixing electrical connections, you can change this narrative. You can achieve this by using the right tool like a multimeter which is easy to use if you understand the basics.

With the cheap fluke multimeter, you’ll save on costs for hiring experts and time and effort. One of these devices you can consider for your electrical work is fluke 101, giving accurate and reliable readings.

Fluke 101 Digital Multimeter Full Review

Read this article and understand the features and specifications of this device. We’ll also give you a deep insight into the capabilities of fluke 101. So, when you go shopping, you’ll have an easy time choosing the fluke electronics multimeter in the market.

Product Overview

Fluke 101 is a small and compact device that will help you test for resistance, duty cycle, AC, DC, and frequency. It’s the lightest fluke digital multimer you’ll encounter; this will give you fewer challenges while carrying around to various workstations.

You’ll have an easy time storing or carrying this device as it’s got the size and weight of a smartphone. It’s also one of the most affordable devices you’ll get in the market, making you save money.

With this multimeter, you’re sure of accurate and reliable results, which increases your credibility as a technician. However, the readings don’t appear faster than with other average multimeters.

Auto Range

Even though this device has a limited range, you can get auto-ranging on DC or AC volts, frequency, and duty cycle. However, you might experience challenges reading the screen in poorly lit areas as it doesn’t have a backlight.

This device also can’t test for current, although it does have a hold feature and a diode. The maximum range of DC and AC voltage is 600V and has a resistance of 40 ohms.

Quality and Design of the Multimeter

Fluke 101 is made for the Chinese market, but high-quality materials ensure it lasts longer. The dial selector of this multimeter is strong and can withstand operation with one hand.

Although most pocket digital multimeters have hardwired probe leads, this one has a standard banana jack plug lead. You can buy a soft magnetic stand as this device doesn’t have a kickstand.

The best thing about the design of Fluke 101 is that the battery is in a different compartment which will give you an easy time replacing them.

The screen of this device is clear and crisp, meaning you won’t have challenges reading the results. It has a 6000-count resolution display that refreshes faster. You’ll be able to see relevant icons like low battery, although fluke 101 has no backlight.

Performance and Functions

The dial of Fluke 101 has seven positions. However, frequency and resistance share ranges while continuity or diode check is on the resistance range. The duty cycle is in the frequency range.

This device also has yellow buttons that enable you to change the ranges and the hold buttons help you lock the readings manually. On the lower part of the case, jack sockets are the common black and the main terminal. You can’t have this device sit on its bottom because it doesn’t have a kickstand.

Since this device has an auto power-off feature that goes off after 20 minutes, you’ll have no challenges with the battery as it’ll last longer. The battery will serve you for 200 hours.

Safety and Protection

Fluke 101 is strong with a rugged body which ensures it doesn’t fall off your hands easily. It also has a rubber holster that makes it safe for use. It will also not break when it falls. This device is unfused but can handle transient kilovolt spikes. It’s also safe for use as it’s got a 600V CAT III rating.


  • It’s small and lightweight
  • It’s strong and consists of high-quality materials
  • It’s accurate and gives reliable readings
  • It’s easy to use and store
  • It has separate voltage input ranges


  • It doesn’t have a backlit display
  • The auto-ranging can disappoint you at times
  • Probes only connect at the bottom

Who Is This Multimeter For?

Anyone can use Fluke 101 since it’s easy to use and compact. Also, anyone looking for a cheap, lightweight multimeter should consider fluke 101 as that’s its features.

However, if you’re a professional who’s looking for more features, this isn’t the best device for you because it can’t perform some tests. Read Also: Best multimeters review

User Reviews

It’s best that before you buy any electrical tool, check on the customer’s review to avoid regrets. When you see more positive reviews like the fluke 101, it shows it’s a reliable device.

Most reviews from the USA and other countries prove that this device will give you value for your money. So, you can buy it and do various DIY installations or repairs around the home or office.

Is this device ideal for professionals?

This multimeter has basic features which are best for standard operations. If you’re a professional, it’s advisable to look for more features that will give you an easy time working on various electric connections.

Is it hard to use the device?

No. this is an easy-to-use multimeter that you can learn how to handle within an hour.

What are the dimension and weight of fluke 101?

This device measures 7.2 by 5.3 by 2.8 inches and weighs 8.8 ounces which makes it lightweight.

Is this a battery-saver multimeter?

Yes. Fluke 101 has auto power-off, which switches off after 20 minutes of no use. This will make its battery last longer.

Final Thoughts

Get Fluke 101 affordable multimeter which is lightweight and durable and works on various electrical connections within your house with ease. However, it doesn’t have a backlit display that might have a hard time reading the results.

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